The most complex page on the new coalias redesign... I wish I had a good idea of how to make this simpler...

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Create 2 new routing options for NoCodeMayo (will be deployed next week). Ability to embed any webpage on any url (including changing the top url in de URL bar) and the ability to proxy things like wordpress blogs on /blog (while / load your bubble site).

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This weekend I need to decide which logo its gonna be for my new @bubble extension

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My support stats for Is this good or do I need to improve? #buildinpublic
I was calling an api of one of my apps every 3 minutes. I didnt understand why it was being called and from where. It also bypassed ky rate limiting... I blocked it... and then discovered it was a uptime monitor I had setup 🤣😭

140 million requests processed by in the last 30 days... #buildinpublic
Gadgets I enjoy while working:

- Noise Machine (Luvion)
- Timer (llano) for pomodoro
- Electronic mug (Ember) to keep my coffee warm
- Adjustable desk (Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk)
- 4k monitor or Trio monitor
- Macbook Pro 16"
- All in one fidget cube

Love the updates @RicoTrevisan sends almost daily to show the progress. This is what @bubble developers should do to keep their clients informed #buildinpublic #nocode #copynocode
Needed to add some success indication, got one done in 5-min in @bubble this morning. Thanks for the icons plugin, @yelkhayami .

@advany might be on to something here.
As a Muslim, I faced a lot of discrimination selling to local dutch governments. I had to work twice as hard to sell. The great thing about SAAS software is that people buy your product, software, and vision. People generally don't care about your religion. #buildinpublic #nocode
@bubble should have european hosting (early) next year and maybe also SOQ 2. That will make it very interesting for a lot of governments and companies.

The cost of my saas from start to the first launch decreased from around 300k to 2.5k in the last 5 years.

All thanks to no-code tools.

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Hired @RicoTrevisan to create a new extension for @bubble called He did an awesome job in creating sprints and planning with story points! #nocode #buildinpublic
In the past, I had a company, I ran for 5 years.

I made a Wordpress template I would sell for at least €25k to companies and governments.

Learn how I did it: #nocode #buildinpublic
I am creating two tiny projects for and saas companies. Making them mostly free to drive user adoption and generate leads for my current business.

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No-code skills + Coding skills


Insane ability to create stuff

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How do you bootstrap a SaaS to 10,000/mo?

- 1 problem
- Niche
- Ship within weeks
- Build with no-code
- Charge at least $25
- Upsell users to $50 or higher

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For a new product, I want to share 1% of the company with users based on their usage and the usage of the people they refer (and pay part of the 1% on exit)

1. Has anyone done this apart from @tibo_maker
2. Would it hurt an @microacquire exit?

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