Hey #buildinpublic!
We just released a new version of Afloat, introducing a new way of sharing invoices. Very excited about this release, hope to hear what you guys think about it.
Read more about it on our blog…
been a few intense weeks so I have been neglecting social media a bit. Been focusing on building the communication for VOID. First iteration of the new website it up, a little less esoteric this time :)
Don't know if it's clear enough
We have updated @useafloat
with new features:

🔎 Adjustable logo size for invoices
🧮 Income and expense overview in the sidebar
🔥 Error modal with feedback prompt

After fixing a lot of smaller issues, it's time to start working on a bigger feature 🚀

@useafloat stats since our launch in the beginning of April⚡

👤Registered users: 203
😊Paying customers: 11
💰YRR: €681.00
📝Invoices created: 478

We do 14 day trials, only one subscription plan. No marketing outside our personal twitters yet.
Shutting down a project that has been going on for way too long, and mutated into something I didn't like. Mixed feelings but most of all I feel excited about all the time and energy I can put into my other projects. Many lessons learned.
At @useafloat we pipe all our user activities (without details, for privacy) to our @telegram channel. This makes learning our users behaviours a natural part of our day. And if something breaks, we can act/communicate quickly.
After roadtripping, living in my car and being mostly offline for 3 weeks it feels great to be back in my old routines again. Refreshed mind fully focused on building | |
Fixed in @useafloat latest release:
✅ Added custom invoice item header labels
✅ Fixed a bug where in some edge-cases expenses were not generated properly
✅ Reduced loading times for income and expense overviews with 3/4

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⚡Yesterday @useafloat got it's 10th paying customer! ⚡
Wrote a short report on it on IH:…
Hey #buildinpublic
I'm Gustav, living in Sweden/Australia. I'm building @useafloat with a friend. Trying to be as transparent I can with our process. Yesterday Afloat got it's 10th paying customer! ⚡
More info on IH
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A short summary of our first steps towards validating our MVP.…

After our first push at the start of April, with around 200 registered users and around 7% converted to paying customers. We have a hard time getting @useafloat to the right audience. #buildinpublic…