I added tooltips that show euro amounts in a familiar currency. See it in action here:… See how it's built here:…. #buildinpublic
I'm exploring different ways of explaining VAT to freelancers. If you're self-employed, and you're not sure of how VAT works, message me! I'm looking for test subjects. #buildinpublic
Optimisation of the day: running optipng on all PNG images, reducing their size by about 30%. Small images means faster pages. I should have automated this a long time ago! #buildinpublic
Stock photos don't work, so I removed them from All About Berlin. It saves me a bit of time, and it saves you a bit of bandwidth. Win-win! #buildinpublic

Today's mini improvement: setting the browser colour with the "theme-color" meta tag. #buildinpublic