Most of my weekend is kids birthday parties. Although I'm going to try to some customer validation online if time allows.

How's your weekend shaping up?

I know very little about most of the no code platforms, so help me out here please tech Twitter.

Is Bubble Vs Webflow a fair comparison?

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Does anyone have approx numbers around page visits & monthly subscribers against advertising revenue?

For example, I have <X> amount of monthly page visits and/or <Y> email addresses for a newsletter, so I should expect approx <Z> advertising revenue

Is getting distracted by shiny objects a problem if you can juggle?

@farleymatters Absolutely Matt, one tweet at a time, nothing else for it!

On a tangent here, I noticed you use #buildinginpublic rather than #buildinpublic. Have you tried both our has it always been the former?
Be honest now, are you jealous or inspired by other indiehackers, solopreneurs & creators?

My now usual weekend away from the laptop.

Sure I still have pangs of missed time & opportunity but I reckon I benefit from it during the week.

I might even go back to working weekends if it suits but I'll keep a closer eye on my energy levels.

I'm nowhere near this stage but the thought just occurred so I'm putting it out there..

If you're focused on building personal brand, do you set up a separate Twitter account for your product? If so how do you split what you tweet between them? Won't this dilute?

All React starter apps should be redone with Vite.

The end.

So you've been thinking on a new idea. Another indiehacker comes along and starts prototyping essentially the same idea.

Do you:
a) celebrate & carry-on, the idea has sort of been validated
b) quit, they have a good track record & existing audience to sell to

Is downloading and installing an app a considerable barrier to getting new customers? (As apposed to a web app)

And if so, how do you tackle this?

Build an audience 1st.
Build an MVP 1st.
Build a landing page 1st.

I'm going to build something I need 1st.

Confession time: I very nearly made the same mistake I always do.

Instead of starting on my product idea, I justified to myself that something else needed done 1st. The reasoning is too desperate and tedious to even admit.

Anyone else do this?

I think I'm going to take the plunge with @docusaurus for my personal site. I like its simplicity and some of the themes. I also think it will come in useful for documentation further down the line (it's original use).

Has anyone used @docusaurus for their own personal website?

If so, would you recommend and any good getting started resources?


This is a compilation thread breaking down a hobby project I recently completed for personal use.

I like India Pale Ales (IPAs) and wanted to keep a review log of the ones I'd triedm so I built a software tool to help me do so.

#buildinpublic #retrospective
A thought-provoking thread for those building SaaS. Not only should you be pragmatic on what to focus your time on generally, be pragmatic about what problems you're trying to solve in code.

Note, they are discussing removal of DI frameworks not IoC as a pattern.

Great slide by @aahoogendoorn. I've moved to the far right of that curve. Complexity (and complication) makes my head hurt.…
How do you iterate and build with a mobile app?

Do you have to continually iterate and release through the app stores? (I'm primarily concerned about the Apple app store of course)

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
@br1anking Thanks Brian. What's your rationale?

#buildinpublic was what I had been using but noticed as I was typing it in, #buildinginpublic was coming up 1st in my twitter app. (Not sure whether to read anything into that though)
So should I be tagging #buildinginpublic or #buildinpublic?

Having 2 competing tags seems to defeat the purpose, no?