Sharing the good and the ugly about building

πŸ”» Churn up 20% with 6 cancelations
1⃣ They only needed it for a single event
πŸ‘‰ We'll add a one time pricing option
πŸ˜ƒ We get the greatest customer feedback
πŸ’ͺ I'm encouraged we have good PMF

Good people who #buildinpublic, do you also have the constant urge to redesign your UI?
Growing slow but steady. 24 customers of whom 2 churned. βŒ›οΈ

Added @hotjar today. The very first recording showed a user completely confused by my UI.

What a sobering experience 😳

If you need some humility, add Hotjar to your site!

It's the first time my app got featured in a newsletter.
Thank you @rolfvanroot 😍

πŸ†• Featured in my latest newsletter issue:

@GoHeadroom AI for meetings
@Neuro_Flash AI for copywriting
Speaker timer app stagetimer by @_lhermann
Twitter growth tool BlackMagic by @tdinh_me

Join 1K marketing nerds and content creatorsπŸš€…
Whenever someone sends me a feature request it goes on this Notion list. I count how many people requested it. Most requested features rise to the top.

Got my 12th customer and reached €100+ MRR with πŸ₯³

A few month ago I would not have imagined meeting such awesome people on Twitter!

Shout out to the #buildinpublic community πŸ‘‹
My customers are doing amazing things with!

Check out this Raspberry Pi 7” touch screen rig 😍

(Used with permission by Pat from, scissors for scale)

πŸ’³ Customer bought subscription two days ago

βœ‰οΈ Sent them a welcome message yesterday

πŸ˜ƒ Re: "I used the timer in a live event yesterday and am very happy with it."

❓ Asked for black-on-white colors for event tomorrow

πŸš€ Just shipped the feature

A friend of mine made a simple link preview generator. I always love to see people celebrating small #buildinpublic wins πŸ’ͺ
"link preview notion" is probably not sth people search frequently ...
BUT seeing my tool (on @DuckDuckGo) as the 3……
I am removing this section of planned features from my site. Why?

πŸšͺ I think people see their feature is "planned" and leave again

πŸ“¨ I hope now people who really want a feature send me a message

πŸ”₯ Then I can prioritize features that people really want

This is why I'm doing what I'm doing 😍
πŸ’ͺ Just sent out a product update email to my 35 subscribers

🌱 My last product update went out to 18 subscribers, so there's growth!

πŸ˜„ For some this may be a small number, but it makes me happy

I just released my first ever paid subscription for

So excited!

Looking forward for my first online $$$πŸ’°πŸ˜…

#buildinpublic #saas
Doing extensive testing today on a staging environment. Can’t wait to publish this release. #buildinpublic
When you are an indie hacker, you are the dev team, the marketing team, the sales team, the finance team and, don't forget, the QA team! #buildinpublic