👋 hello builders

do you know how to verify @PaddleHQ webhook payloads using WebCrypto?

🔴 SOS! I'm stuck

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setTimeout / setInterval + @typescript can get weird if you want to store the timerId for later cleanup.
(the id type differs based on the environment)

ReturnType deals with it in clean way. Dog fooding the compiler its own thoughts

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If you're building a UI, even if you don't support dark mode, try it with the OS set to dark mode, you might be surprised.

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Hey @supabase, thanks for the auth-helpers.
It's great to have an solution that feels native to @remix_run without unnecessary complex abstraction

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If you're building a Saas, @supabase is great to hit the ground running especially for Auth.

even if you have no money, the hobby plan supports 50k MAUs

The rest can be handled by @planetscaledata leaving the 500MB on Supabase just for auth

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I ended up choosing @SendGrid for their good docs and competitive pricing for my target tier

I think having curl examples in your docs besides the official language clients is a must to cater to different use cases like @CloudflareDev workers

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I just got refused production access to amazon SES after appealing and making it clear I'll only be sending transactional emails.

What's a good alternative that's feature and price competitive to SES ?

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