Choose one 10k MRR πŸ‘‡ why ? #buildinpublic
I bought a domain for my project

Why I bought it ? Because I reach dozens of pre-registered users and this give me reason to go further !

Too soon to launchi Threads based project ?

Anything else than reddit to check and validate ideas interests at first ?

Builders, you HAVE to know exactly what's going on on production ! ⚠️

If there is a bug, it HAVE to be you to discover it first, before your users ! ( and fix it )

You don't have the time to debug and loose 10 users that churn because of a client-side issue

How do you get all runtime error in production (front + backend) ?

Do you have access to a complete log with input data and exact line of code that crashed ?

#buildinpublic #indihackers #developer
Today I did nothing

And tomorrow I will do the same

Have a nice weekend #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic I made a meme for you

( I hit the right button 🀦 )
At the end of the year, I will move to live in Montreal, Canada πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‘‰πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Is the #buildinpublic community active IRL over here ?
One guy asked why we are not finishing projects..

On my side it is always when I became sure that there is no money that would result from this project

Do you agree ?

Today, I created a program using #python and #chatgpt to generate > create > post tiktok videos.

It can imagine, create and mount 100 tiktok in 1 hour.

The format is like TOP 5 xxxxx..

Can I sell this thing ? 🫠

#buildinpublic #tiktok #chatgpt
I want to create an automated TikTok Channel but.. it will make me quit my focus on my current project ☠️

Do you feel this every week ?

Here are some update on my reddit ads campaign, does it seems good ?

( I'm an pre-registration stage, so no paid user behind )

Having a week-end break is as important as a high productive week πŸ’―

Here it is : my 10th registered user without personal network

How I did :
- create a landing + form
- some examples of value
- 10 Reddit’s messages
- Some Tweets
- 1$ Reddit ads

Now I will start the machine to generate content and give user what they want ✨ #buildinpublic
There are more work converting a free user to a 5$/m paid user than converting a 5$/m paid user to a 50$/m paid user.

Do you believe this ?

#buildinpublic #business
What kind of ads did you tried for your projects and have better results ?

#buildinpublic #Advertising
What do you think of my first results of Reddit Ads ? ( 1 of click results to a registration )

the hardest thing on launching product : stop refresh analytics page starting a new campain

Agree ?

Building something alone as a tech guy force to focus on promoting and break the "develop more features" useless focus.

Can you relate ?