Getting people to use your product at an early stage reveals so much 🤣😂🤣🤣. You learn alot.
Feedback from an early user of @twamerequest
I keep learning so much. #buildinpublic
Request 🎉| Requisitions Made Easy.
Send and receive requisitions between friends, family, work colleagues and groups with efficient tracking and record keeping.

Currently in it's early stages, however, you can try it out.

Our product is still in its early stages, but as part of our #buildinpublic journey, we've made the app publicly available. Our goal is not to create a perfect product, but rather one that serves a purpose. Kindly check it out and share with your coworkers, friends, and family.
I always find myself trying to get everything right lol. So this time, try it when everything is not right. I'll send the link to the platform later in the day.

#buildinpublic is not about the builder but the user/customer
Been slacking with updates 😅. Went on there to dump a number of steps I took to get to where @twamerequest is currently. More updates coming soon.

After spending almost 3 weeks designing the user interfaces (ended up with about 65 screens in total. No worries, the Request app does not have 65 screens. There were a lot of different use cases and copies. 😂) and prototype, took a break and begun development.