We want to have an open platform. That's why we made it super easy to upload your existing Stories

Now you can also DOWNLOAD your Stories created with our Builder, use them on other platforms or your own website.

Yep, we let you fly out (if needed)

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#buildinpublic and social media in action only 1 vote 😜

We will add that feature in the future
Would you, as creator, like to see a possibility to schedule stories to go public?
We want the stories by our creators to be visible, be seen as much as possible to the right public

Stories added to our platform are now also show on Pinterest.

The automatic integration is live!

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We made a first partnership with @PetsMasha
Every day, one story related to Pets will be posted on their Twitter account.

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Ok ok, maybe it is a feature or maybe it isn't
Technical SEO is important to make your creative stories visible.

The new update is live and now let's hope #google appreciates all creators work πŸ€“

Our Web Story builder is also available in #darkmode just in case you feel the need to publish while in bed

Our Web Story got a serious update. You will spend less time on creating the story and you will have more time to prepare the story or having a drink with friends

After our β˜•οΈ session, we have a plan for today
We are focussing on the Web Story Player, to be faster, to be showing stories more related to your taste etc.

In short.. today it's all about "Web Story Player" time

Our Web Stories websites + Player App is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi

What languages should we add next?

The official account of

We will update on new features, as we #buildinpublic and suoer cool stories from #creators