So, all-in-all, being a veteran is a huge help for aspiring entrepreneurs.

At least in the private sector you won't get randomly hit with tear gas at unexpected moments (I hope!).

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Entrepreneurship reminds me of @USMC training events in some ways.

Here's how:
Let me know your thoughts on that formula, and whether it's helpful!

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I use blog posts as high-level designs for features that I am considering for the @StackAware roadmap. Getting the ideas down on (digital) paper helps refine them and also lets me know how interested people are in them.

And founder marketing > any other type.

Decisiveness hack:

Need to think over an email before sending? Schedule it to send a day from now, and then, in the meantime, if you decide to change something, you can.

Otherwise, it goes out on its own.

Default to taking action.
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Understanding user behavior is key for SaaS. Especially knowing when they hit errors!

That’s why I put together this guide to building out error-catching telemetry in your @nocodebackend:…

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As a startup, you need to get and act on feedback. Sometimes you need to build a way to do so.

So check out Xanomorph for a guide to creating a user feedback API with your @nocodebackend.

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