Tweets on building have been less frequent.


I've been testing out @tl_drip as a writing and engagement software heavily.

It's buggy, but damn it makes content creation easy.

Can't wait for the React and UI upgrade.

Inspirations tab just got a complete upgrade today @tl_drip

- 1000+ Swipe file of different niches
- Keyword search bar for swipe file additions

Never run out of ideas.

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Gumroad Page for @tl_drip Upgrade Complete:

✴ Migrated copy
✴ Upgraded Header Image
✴ Media to show-and-tell

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Monday has just started in Australia.

Plans for this week:

- Continue learning React
- Get my affiliates on board with their own landing pages.
- Gumroad page for

- Start content marketing


Free Platitudes for Twitter Content

Platitudes are great for engagement and growth.

One caveat is not to overuse it and make sure you put out authentic content.


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Platitude Writer
A React Learning Project

- Light/Dark mode
- Downloadable CSV for scheduler upload


- Rewriter API hookup for maximal platitude gains

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Is Bootstrap actually dead?

Good enough UI framework?

Or should I be looking at something else?

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Locking in the current feature set for @tl_drip.

Re-build into React and a UI framework starting next month.

Could anyone recommend a UI framework worth implementing?

Closing out the MVP of @tl_drip this month, and releasing it to y'all.

This doesn't mean the end of production.

It just means it's time for me to rebuild it all over again, but better.

This time with React and Fastify.