@ThePeterMick Launching our tool on @ProductHunt tonight! Looking to gather more support.

I am giving away a lifetime free & unlimited subscription for a sales prospecting tool. 🚀
Reply with "Interested" to claim before 22nd.

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My only goal with respect to building support for my company is:

- Nobody should take their complaints to social media, and reviews! :))

What if affiliate programs pay for life? Like, every single month, until the customer lasts.

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It's not just product Market fit!

Get to founder market fit, if you're raising early stage!

I've never been scared to share ideas. No NDA nonsense for discussing ideas.

Have never seen competitors. They're all market setters.

Markets are huge to capture and become big. There's nothing like competition.

Speed >>> Quality

Biggest advantage while building is speed!

We've been trying to send memes through Google ads! :3

Team @ZintlrHQ has written a blog on performance management btw:…

I literally want to chill all day.

Spend full day on @ProductHunt @IndieHackers and thinking about product features and customer use cases.

I don't want to do meetings. No firefighting.

Just want to chill.

I'm building a sales tool for outbound sales.

I'll fully commercialise this only to customers who i get through my own tool. That's the best way to guarantee success rates to my own customers

Our extension went live today! ❤️

Looking to launch our beta on 31st!

Any tips/ checklists/ advice?

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I have been cheated time & again in business.

One primary failure was being too emotional & committed to SMB customers on personal levels.

Another was to trust people blindly and not do paperwork & believe their commitments.

I've lost tons of time & money.

Our Devs at @ZintlrHQ are scoring more than what i scored in any & every exams! PSI scores are lit. 🚀🔥

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I'm building strong distribution channels for B2B SaaS, and will share my hacks here over the coming weeks! Stay tuned.

My goal is not to,
- raise crazy funds
- build 100 crazy features
- make 50 marketing posts

My goal is to,
=> Make sure my customer wins & succeeds. Makes money from my product. Crushes their targets. 🚀

Whatever it takes.

Winning the world is just 1 cold outreach away!

The team in an early stage startup doesn't only have to be of generalists, but also of creative folks. Who somehow gets shit done!

If they're not dynamic, then forget progress.