Looking to launch our beta on 31st!

Any tips/ checklists/ advice?

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I have been cheated time & again in business.

One primary failure was being too emotional & committed to SMB customers on personal levels.

Another was to trust people blindly and not do paperwork & believe their commitments.

I've lost tons of time & money.

Our Devs at @ZintlrHQ are scoring more than what i scored in any & every exams! PSI scores are lit. 🚀🔥

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I'm building strong distribution channels for B2B SaaS, and will share my hacks here over the coming weeks! Stay tuned.

My goal is not to,
- raise crazy funds
- build 100 crazy features
- make 50 marketing posts

My goal is to,
=> Make sure my customer wins & succeeds. Makes money from my product. Crushes their targets. 🚀

Whatever it takes.

Winning the world is just 1 cold outreach away!

The team in an early stage startup doesn't only have to be of generalists, but also of creative folks. Who somehow gets shit done!

If they're not dynamic, then forget progress.

If you're pitching your USP as "lower prices" compared to competitors.

What would you do if your competitor reduces the price?

Price point is important, but relevant customers care more about quality, features, support than other areas. Build experiences.

If you want to increase numbers in profits, increase your revenue, rather than cutting costs at the cost of employee satisfaction. A happy team can do wonders.

Consider building multiple solid distribution channels to have a consistent flow of new customers.

Consider providing solid support for existing customers for solid renewals.

Consider providing best discounts to sell add-ons to existing happy customers.

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While we've been preparing for launch, our devs are making some lovely memes😂

Which Hurts deep inside🥲

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An enterprise customer told me today that we're the fastest partner they've worked with, of all time.

And nothing feels better than this!

Founders, remember.

Cash flow is the king!

Taking my team for team outing / Chrismas party!

Any ideas to surprise them with something unexpected?

Create multiple opportunities and position them in such a way that, only you can get some things done in a certain way. That niche is your opportunity to create a differentiator.

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You can make 100mn$ of sales, with just being a community builder by heart and solid helpful content creator by soul.

With 0$ marketing budget.

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In a longer run, no ecstatic feeling can beat the art of company building from scratch!

Mandatory sports on Sundays to escape burnout!