If you #buildinpublic, you can build an audience & community WHILE building a startup
Build an audience and community before building a startup.
@CharlotteEllett Founded a software agency / digital consulting co 5+ years ago & now focused on building + launching our own SaaS products

Tweet about my #buildinpublic SaaS journey, entrepreneurship & ideas / opportunities to make $ online

New to Twitter – excited to connect with more folks!
@JordanDParker_ Thanks! Idea is to make it easier to be consistent tweeting, without the distraction of actually visiting twitter.

Will allow for different kind of content than scheduling too, since it makes it easy to provide real-time #BuildInPublic updates without context switching!
Exciting news! 🤗 Our Chrome extension that lets you tweet using AI is ready for beta testing and it's totally free (for now)! 🥳

Check out the WIP:

We'd love your feedback! 🤓 #AI #Twitter #BuildInPublic

(yes, this was written by it) #BuildReal
Next follower is number 200 🎊

A couple weeks into posting consistently & already met so many awesome creators, founders & #indiehackers.

Look forward to continuing to #buildinpublic with y’all!
We know code & still #nocode our marketing sites / blogs

Marketers shouldn't have to wait for engineers to iterate

How do you guys build your landing pages?
SaaS is becoming more like retail.

Manufacturers making stuff: AI companies
Distributors supplying: API Providers
Storefront selling: [MyNewSaaS].ai

For #indiehackers & the #buildinpublic crowd this is exciting – you don't have to build a factory to ship a valuable product 🚀
Emails like this are encouraging! A happy @AmbleIdeation client sharing their gratitude.

If you tried a new product this year that made your life better, why not share your gratitude with the team that built it?

Building products isn't easy – support the makers!
Sharing your creations requires vulnerability.

The earlier you share, the less attached you are to what you're building, so exposing it to the world is less scary.

This is one MAJOR advantage to #buildinpublic – get comfortable shipping without your ego interfering!
Been consistent on Twitter for about 2 weeks now & closing in on 200 followers

Still a long way from my EOY goal of 400, but already so many new friends

Finding an incredible community here of founders, makers & future collaborators 🚀

Grateful for you all! 🙌
Is the Twitter course from @dagorenouf worth it?

Has anyone in the #buildinpublic community taken it? Any other recommendations?

If I'm going to be investing time on here, want to make sure I'm making the most of it!
What should we build this weekend?

May turn one of the coolest new AI features from Amble into a standalone micro-SaaS.

Let's FAFO #buildinpublic
The best way to get started is to just take action. Don't let fear hold you back.

Fear is a constant companion when you live a life committed to growth – embrace it as a signal that you're on the right track!

#fear #growth #buildinpublic
Holy crap @rauchg the CEO of @vercel retweeted this.

Upside: This has already become my best performing tweet ever 🚀

Downside: I hit the free tier limit on @replicatehq so it no longer works 😱

Should I add email signup & pay for API credits to keep it alive? #buildinpublic…
I just launched an AI Art / generative image editing site in 5 minutes 🤯

Was exploring @vercel as a new hosting provider & stumbled onto a #nextjs template they offer to use Stable Diffusion via the @replicatehq API

Any ideas for niche micro-SaaS? 🤔
Innovation is at the heart of entrepreneurship. It sets your business apart and drives growth.

But too much focus on perfecting new & exciting innovations can hold you back!

It's only innovative if it is used to make a meaningful impact–ship sooner 🚀
#buildinpublic #innovation
Successful entrepreneurship is all about solving problems and making a positive impact.

It is a great way to earn a living & acquire wealth.

But in its purest form, it is an act of service to the people whose lives you commit to improving!

#entrepreneurship #buildinpublic
Many people enjoy gambling on sports or card games, but why not bet it all on yourself & launch something new?

Unlimited upside & worse case you pay for an education in entrepreneurship!
#buildinpublic #startups
There's no substitute for hard work and perseverance when trying to launch anything new.

I've looked for more shortcuts, hacks and easy wins than I can count, but I always end up realizing that these things are just distractions that ultimately set me back.

Screamed my wife (after me putting this off for a week)

I’ll spare y’all the #buildinpublic updates on this one 🥴
Simple isn't easy.🧐

But simplicity sure makes life easier 🤓

Skip the fancy tools & crazy life hacks 🤯

Don't overcomplicate – over CREATE! 🚀🚢
#buildinpublic #indiehackers