Has anyone here started or worked for a cold outreach / lead gen agency?

Would love to chat

Who in the #buildinpublic or #indiehacker community is the most knowledgeable about cold email?

Any recommended resources?

Looking to learn 🤓
AI Pain Points 🤕🥵

What are the main challenges or pain points you've faced in trying benefit from AI?

Let's balance out the hype with some realistic obstacles

(potential product ideas for #buildinpublic crowd)
Exciting news🎉

We're launching a Generative AI Workshop @Sprinter_HQ

It's a 1 day virtual session (w/ @AmbleIdeation) to help companies:
- Discover high-impact AI use cases
- Craft a strategic roadmap for the AI era
- Capitalize on the best opportunities ASAP

Who are the best people to learn from about growing on LinkedIn?

Have over 1000 "followers", but never post & with the B2B products / services we sell I'm thinking it'd be worth investing a little more in growing that account.

Does #buildinpublic work on #LinkedIn, any tips?
Friendly reminder to validate your product ideas before you spend your valuable time building them.
#product #SaaS #buildinpublic
I started building this today

Didn't have long bc we have family in town (to visit our baby that is still not here yet)

But impressed so far – feel like this actually has a lot of potential🚀

Using @nextjs, @supabase & @stripe

So fun to build w/ #AI & GPT-3🙌
💡Startup Idea:

TalkToJesus AI – Personalized biblical guidance using GPT-3

This is the #Christian version, but could do for every religion, philosophy, etc... surely this already exists, right?

(btw entered a few words about this in Amble & rest of what's below was #AI 🤓)
Personal Holding Company is a good name for this model

I'm doing this with @Sprinter_HQ except we're shifting from building products for clients to making products we own

I've called it a Product or Venture Studio, but I may like holding co

Either way excited to #buildinpublic
My focus for 2023 will be to build a Personal Holding Company (thanks for the name inspo @businessbarista).

I'm planning to build many new products, automate them and hire key people to manage them. That way I can 100% focus on what I love: creating new products.
Do SaaS products typically offer custom login screens for each B2B/enterprise client?

Apparently our "Sign In with Microsoft" button wasn't intuitive enough, so client requested 2 buttons:
- X Company Employee [uses Microsoft]
- Non-employee Sign In

#buildinpublic #BuildReal
Checking out @ilodotso – my best performing tweet was 10X better than any others

It wasn't scheduled or planned... I just quickly shared a video of something I got distracted #Building

1. Success isn't linear
2. Genuine #buildinpublic = growth…
I just launched an AI Art / generative image editing site in 5 minutes 🤯

Was exploring @vercel as a new hosting provider & stumbled onto a #nextjs template they offer to use Stable Diffusion via the @replicatehq API

Any ideas for niche micro-SaaS? 🤔
First month of consistency on Twitter & still so much to learn, but grateful to see some growth already!

Biggest takeaway: more than doubled my followers – amazing to meet so many awesome people🙌

In the spirit of #buildinpublic I'll share progress at the start of each month🚀
@mubashariqbal @levelsio @dannypostmaa I'm new to Twitter & just discovered how nice lists are so love this idea!

I'm building a couple of AI-powered tools:

@AmbleIdeation – discover, scope & validate product ideas using AI

@GoBuildReal – tweet from chrome extension with help of AI to #buildinpublic w/o distraction
Trends like AI provide builders insane leverage🦾

This makes #buildinpublic more rewarding, but also more risky

These benefits make it worth the risk:
1️⃣ Loyalty-maker authenticity = trust
2️⃣ Distribution-audience = early adopters
3️⃣ Feedback-rapid iteration = better product
with technical debt so low, easy access to global devs, AI assisted visual and written content…

will founders continue to build in public knowing a new competitor could spring from anywhere?
Wow this is a new one for me... the OAuth2 client ID provided by Twitter is NSFW 🤣

I wonder if I should try to change this?🤔

Don't want to get my users in trouble with their employer or family WiFi for visiting a site with "f*ck" in the URL😳
@thisiskp_ Love this model!

Thinking about doing this with @GoBuildReal for makers just getting started in the #buildinpublic community.
@Core_Anton Thanks man! Have some kinks to work out with the auth flow, but I believe it has the potential to be quite helpful for us #buildinpublic folks🤙
Oops got excited & started this tweet with a mention, which is bad for reach

But want to highlight how much I appreciate @barkerdestefano for testing our MVP & providing amazing feedback🎉

Seems like a small thing, but 100% reinforced my belief in the #buildinpublic community🥹
@barkerdestefano is awesome! She sent me a DM highlighting a bug in @GoBuildReal, waited for me to fix it, then became our first real user 🙌

She also provided a ton of amazing feedback & ideas that I'll implement today💡

Grateful for her & for #buildinpublic... this is fun 🚀…
@barkerdestefano Thanks so much for trying it out! And for the amazing feedback you provided via DMs!!!

Generous people like you are the reason why everyone should #buildinpublic 🚀
@barkerdestefano is awesome! She sent me a DM highlighting a bug in @GoBuildReal, waited for me to fix it, then became our first real user 🙌

She also provided a ton of amazing feedback & ideas that I'll implement today💡

Grateful for her & for #buildinpublic... this is fun 🚀…
Yesterday I realized that Twitter is 10X better with lists

So I made a list of all the best makers, indie hackers & creators to inspire us to ship🚀

Who should I add?

Reply with your favorite founders or what you're building & I will add!