Friendly reminder to validate your product ideas before you spend your valuable time building them.
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I started building this today

Didn't have long bc we have family in town (to visit our baby that is still not here yet)

But impressed so far – feel like this actually has a lot of potential🚀

Using @nextjs, @supabase & @stripe

So fun to build w/ #AI & GPT-3🙌
💡Startup Idea:

TalkToJesus AI – Personalized biblical guidance using GPT-3

This is the #Christian version, but could do for every religion, philosophy, etc... surely this already exists, right?

(btw entered a few words about this in Amble & rest of what's below was #AI 🤓)
Personal Holding Company is a good name for this model

I'm doing this with @Sprinter_HQ except we're shifting from building products for clients to making products we own

I've called it a Product or Venture Studio, but I may like holding co

Either way excited to #buildinpublic
My focus for 2023 will be to build a Personal Holding Company (thanks for the name inspo @businessbarista).

I'm planning to build many new products, automate them and hire key people to manage them. That way I can 100% focus on what I love: creating new products.
Do SaaS products typically offer custom login screens for each B2B/enterprise client?

Apparently our "Sign In with Microsoft" button wasn't intuitive enough, so client requested 2 buttons:
- X Company Employee [uses Microsoft]
- Non-employee Sign In

#buildinpublic #BuildReal
Checking out @ilodotso – my best performing tweet was 10X better than any others

It wasn't scheduled or planned... I just quickly shared a video of something I got distracted #Building

1. Success isn't linear
2. Genuine #buildinpublic = growth…
I just launched an AI Art / generative image editing site in 5 minutes 🤯

Was exploring @vercel as a new hosting provider & stumbled onto a #nextjs template they offer to use Stable Diffusion via the @replicatehq API

Any ideas for niche micro-SaaS? 🤔
First month of consistency on Twitter & still so much to learn, but grateful to see some growth already!

Biggest takeaway: more than doubled my followers – amazing to meet so many awesome people🙌

In the spirit of #buildinpublic I'll share progress at the start of each month🚀
@mubashariqbal @levelsio @dannypostmaa I'm new to Twitter & just discovered how nice lists are so love this idea!

I'm building a couple of AI-powered tools:

@AmbleIdeation – discover, scope & validate product ideas using AI

@GoBuildReal – tweet from chrome extension with help of AI to #buildinpublic w/o distraction
Trends like AI provide builders insane leverage🦾

This makes #buildinpublic more rewarding, but also more risky

These benefits make it worth the risk:
1️⃣ Loyalty-maker authenticity = trust
2️⃣ Distribution-audience = early adopters
3️⃣ Feedback-rapid iteration = better product
with technical debt so low, easy access to global devs, AI assisted visual and written content…

will founders continue to build in public knowing a new competitor could spring from anywhere?
Wow this is a new one for me... the OAuth2 client ID provided by Twitter is NSFW 🤣

I wonder if I should try to change this?🤔

Don't want to get my users in trouble with their employer or family WiFi for visiting a site with "f*ck" in the URL😳
@thisiskp_ Love this model!

Thinking about doing this with @GoBuildReal for makers just getting started in the #buildinpublic community.
@Core_Anton Thanks man! Have some kinks to work out with the auth flow, but I believe it has the potential to be quite helpful for us #buildinpublic folks🤙
Oops got excited & started this tweet with a mention, which is bad for reach

But want to highlight how much I appreciate @barkerdestefano for testing our MVP & providing amazing feedback🎉

Seems like a small thing, but 100% reinforced my belief in the #buildinpublic community🥹
@barkerdestefano is awesome! She sent me a DM highlighting a bug in @GoBuildReal, waited for me to fix it, then became our first real user 🙌

She also provided a ton of amazing feedback & ideas that I'll implement today💡

Grateful for her & for #buildinpublic... this is fun 🚀…
@barkerdestefano Thanks so much for trying it out! And for the amazing feedback you provided via DMs!!!

Generous people like you are the reason why everyone should #buildinpublic 🚀
@barkerdestefano is awesome! She sent me a DM highlighting a bug in @GoBuildReal, waited for me to fix it, then became our first real user 🙌

She also provided a ton of amazing feedback & ideas that I'll implement today💡

Grateful for her & for #buildinpublic... this is fun 🚀…
Yesterday I realized that Twitter is 10X better with lists

So I made a list of all the best makers, indie hackers & creators to inspire us to ship🚀

Who should I add?

Reply with your favorite founders or what you're building & I will add!
If you #buildinpublic, you can build an audience & community WHILE building a startup
Build an audience and community before building a startup.
@CharlotteEllett Founded a software agency / digital consulting co 5+ years ago & now focused on building + launching our own SaaS products

Tweet about my #buildinpublic SaaS journey, entrepreneurship & ideas / opportunities to make $ online

New to Twitter – excited to connect with more folks!
@JordanDParker_ Thanks! Idea is to make it easier to be consistent tweeting, without the distraction of actually visiting twitter.

Will allow for different kind of content than scheduling too, since it makes it easy to provide real-time #BuildInPublic updates without context switching!
Exciting news! 🤗 Our Chrome extension that lets you tweet using AI is ready for beta testing and it's totally free (for now)! 🥳

Check out the WIP:

We'd love your feedback! 🤓 #AI #Twitter #BuildInPublic

(yes, this was written by it) #BuildReal
Next follower is number 200 🎊

A couple weeks into posting consistently & already met so many awesome creators, founders & #indiehackers.

Look forward to continuing to #buildinpublic with y’all!