Finally submitted @RadiantWallet for the #Solana IGNITE hackathon! Holy crap that was a lot of work.

I'm proud of how it's turning out though. Take a look and please throw us a like or comment if you think it's cool!…

#buildinpublic @_Matias_Fiori
More UI done for @RadiantWallet showcasing some cool stuff designed by @_Matias_Fiori.

Going to finish wiring up trade stuff tomorrow and then do clean up after that!…

#buildinpublic #Solana
Progress tonight on @RadiantWallet:
- Ability to make trades on Serum πŸŽ‰ (no UI yet)
- Token details page about half way done
- Chart finally styled

Lots more to do but it's getting there!…

#buildinpublic #solana #IGNITE

Been so involved trying to get back-end stuff done for @RadiantWallet that I've forgotten to show progress! Bottom nav and cleaned up onboarding screens:…

As always props to @_Matias_Fiori for sexy designs:

#buildinpublic #indiedev
Got the full live portfolio now displaying for @RadiantWallet including the totals and % gains. Chart is still fake and a bit ugly but almost done with this page and then moving on to the ability to trade 😎

#buildinpublic #Solana
Trying to do better at #buildinpublic. For the #Solana Ignite event @_Matias_Fiori and are working on our take for a mobile wallet & Dex specifically for the Solana ecosystem.

Going to be adding to this thread to track progress (less than two weeks left!) 🧡
@_Matias_Fiori and I will be "launching in public" (cc @IndieHackers #buildinpublic) for the next little while so we'll let you know how it goes and please let us know what feedback you have! πŸ™