#TIL there is a #SwiftUI view modifier for lateral translation.

Learned this the hard way 🫠

Improvements to OG Image Generator app with #iOS using #SwiftUI

✅ Fill browser to mock viewport
✅ Improve formatting


✅ Create a iOS browser mockup for any site using this iOS app.

Next steps on my mind:
1. Share Extension — url -> image in seconds
2. Annotations

Launching 🚀 soon

Struggling to get 'ImageRenderer' to work for WKWebView layer in #SwiftUI view for the #iOS app.

Gotta try a different way?

3/ This also kinda works to showcase something you’ve worked on and is live.

Bug Report Tracker Template is now live at ⁦@NotionHQ⁩ template gallery

Working on a prototype for an open graph image generator for iOS using #SwiftUI

4/ Published the tutorial.

→ You can learn to build a basic share extension for your iOS app in #swiftUI 📱


3/ 👀share extension peek

Find it here:…

I'll share the full guide soon #buildinpublic
2/ Here's a little sneak peak at the share extension in action.


Will share the code soon.
One of the most useful parts of using iOS apps.

“Share Extensions”

✍️ Working on a little tutorial/guide to help you build one of your own.

A nice idea for a weekend project to put my #SwiftUI knowledge to work.

Writing a little guide on using 'ImageRenderer' in #SwiftUI for iOS.

Convert any 'View' into an 'Image' 🖼️

A mini crash happens at the 0:10 second mark is due 120MB memory usage — obviously due to overflow/leak from previous use.

#buildinpublic #swiftUI #memoryleak

How would y’all fix this?
Quality of the image is much better now compared the the older version :)

#buildinpublic #swiftUI
Improved the memory usage by a bit.

The share extension is still quite rough around the edges but it works when it works.

Preparing for a release :D

Here’s a demo for using Share Extension for an iOS app using UIKit 🤝 SwiftUI

Here’s a demo for using Share Extension for an iOS app using UIKit 🤝 SwiftUI

Started learning iOS app development with Xcode.

Built a image beautifier tool in a few hours #buildinpublic

Check it out:
Here is a peek at today's issue from my list #buildinpublic
Twitter List inside your Notion Database

- No Replies
- No Retweets
- Only Tweets from people on the list

Cut onboarding time to 2 minutes

👉🏻 …