@buildinpublic Adding canvases to @TinyBets_ (lean, business model, etc).
It should make it easier to organize hypotheses - guess we'll see later tonight 🤞

Quick #BuildInPublic update 💪

✅ Fabulous demo (team running 5 tests/wk) who built multiple iterations of spreadsheets & airtables to solve what @TinyBets_ does. They said it's the perfect tool for them 🎉
✅ Showed it to more ppl, got very good fdbk
✅ Solved some sneaky bugs
What are you using to manage Twitter?

Is @hootsuite ok, or should I try something else?

Quick #BuildInPublic update:

✅ Split the framework section into chapters
✅ Added individual experiment learnings + centralized learnings screen (finally 🎉)
✅ Updated the UI for a better user experience
✅ Quickly change experiment outcomes

Back to customer interviews 💡👍
wow, just got invited to present the app to an accelerator's cohort, and they'll run their experiments on @TinyBets_! 🎉🎉🎉

Super excited about this! ...and scared since ofc I feel the product's not ready haha. definitely embarrassed by the first version 😬 #buildinpublic
@TinyBets_ helps you validate #startup/#sidehustle ideas, reach #ProductMarketFit & grow faster by simplifying your pivot-or-persevere decisions.

- Run lean experiments across any vertical
- Learn more, faster
- Keep all your learnings well organized
- Profit 💰

Hello mavericks! Let's build something people want. Together. 🚀
#BuildInPublic #TinyBets