2 hours and 45 notify for our @producthunt!

You guys are the best!
Thank you

If you didn't already like and upvote here it is !…


Tomorrow is the day, Guys and Gals.

@ProductHunt Release of Duckist

Please retweet/like/upvote us here and on ProductHunt!…

Tomorrow is the day, Guys and Gals.

@ProductHunt Release of Duckist

Please retweet/like/upvote us here and on ProductHunt!…

Good morning!

Remember to enjoy the journey - and document it here for us on #buildinpublic

If you stopped enjoying the journey take a walk. Figure out what is bothering you. Fix it up and continue :)

That's it!

Good luck fellow entrepreneurs!
First Week Assement!
### Build In Public Week 27 Assesment

#buildinpublic #indiedev
Favorite Tech Stack as a #indiedev

Wrong answers only!

I'll start...

Cobol Backend
Flash Player as Frontend
Maybe some brainf*ck to glue it together.

Digging your own grave

Most people dig their own graves and not their enemy

That's why #buildinpublic works so well.

People tell you what works and what doesn't.

Be sufficiently open to criticism, and you will win
BUT also sufficiently closed to follow your path.
Thank you guys!

The verdict is clear - this week I'll do a #buildinpublic review!

Should I?

My last **Marketing In Public** video will be today.
I will do a higher-quality video once a week summarizing the week instead.
Should I rebrand it to Build In Public Weekly Review as I can talk more about what I am good at - building stuff.

What ya think?……
Shiny new toy syndrome

Welcome back from Zucker' #Threads.

I know how tempting shiny new toys can be.
But you are back, great!

Let's get to work
Icons in tweets? Ye or nay? 🤔

Do you use them? Share your reasons why or why not!

#buildinpublic #twitter
Don't be the boss, but the leader that learns from your team.
If not, you will stagnate and die.

Lesson of the day by Andre Galvao

#Entrepreneur #buildinpublic
My new setup.

Doesn't match @gyulanemeth85 's awesome setup, but I guess mine is more fresh :)))

Deboost of tweets with links.

How do you avoid the deboost of Tweets with links?

I made tonnes of beefy **FREE** blog posts I'd like to share, but it feels like I tweet into the void

@kekons4 I guess this is the ted talk kinda thing you talked about before?

I'd say I like the format, but maybe simplify it.
#buildinpublic crowd usually don't like to be told what to do so when you fix the time formats and structure it might be hard to convince people to join.

Failures are not you

just experiments

Failures are a part of learning

@EscadeSupremo Thanks Kristof! It matters a lot!

Welcome to the platform. Next to my name there is a nice big button called "Follow" ;) It wants to get clicked haha.

By the way, your name sounds hungarian? @gyulanemeth85 is a fellow #buildinpublic and is Hungarian.
Sending secrets such as passwords, keys, and contracts?

Then you'd like cutest service we have made.

It's called duckist and takes 1 second to send a secret :)

Link is below

Guys litterally only want one thing....

Google FINALLY indexing your website 😃