🪙 Agency revenue is closer to $7 K
🛎️ Product Revenue is still $0
We are very open startup soon will post our salaries too and finances

we have announced NESOP for anybody in #communitymanager space


cap table here 👇
I think @hustle_fred & beepit is gonna go viral in days
I am just recording this on public.

More power and more love to them

What do members look for in a #community
🛑 First of all most people not look for community
⭐ They look for problems to solve
⭐ They look for similar people to bond
⭐ They look for right engagement get occupied
#CommunityDriven #communityledgrowth
#saas #buildinpublic
@JustinQuda Delegation is the key
earning quick money with consulting or agency is the only way to keep things rolling
#buildinpublic is hard
focus is the key
@thinkcler Sorry to hear both of the stories and this could happen to anybody
I think domain matters , in terms of your father its not #buildinpublic can I assume its mis use of power and IP theft internally

while whole notion of #buildinpublic is to be open and ask for help wit privacy

You have see your internal benefits as well

👉 No investor pressure
👉 Or less Negations with Investor
👉Burn less money
👉 Less mental Pressure
👉 start enjoying work more
#buildinpublic #organicgrowth #saas #CommunityDriven
On average startup's its less than 12 % of entire timeline

And on longer run you get
👉 All round growth
👉 Accurate ICP
👉 More closer relationship with customer

#buildinpublic #organicgrowth #saas #CommunityDriven
When people talk about #organicgrowth

They point terms like long term like it very very looong term, like its gonna take ever long 😴💤

That's not true

@timrodz Multiple projects are dangerous distractions
You nt only loose focus but you burnout too
excitement is great but repeatable revenue is the key

do cold outbound email and find which idea resonates with your ICP / audience
build one do autopilot
Repeat other
@barkerdestefano If your audience is not someone who you can

1⃣ reach-out in twitter
2⃣ reach-out in cold email

for #buildinpublic

if they wont find any value / get excited out of your process, strategy

don't #buildinpublic
Good decision all the best
Any builder or thinker problem

👉 People overthink
👉 Overbuild
👉 Over Spend
👉 Over burnout
👉 Undervalue power of validation

💡All in one solution has two components

✉️ cold emails 💍Communities

#buildinpublic #SaaS #CommunityFirst #CommunityBuilding
Anything can be copied from your product
👉Features 👉PLG strategies
👉 GTM 👉Your UX 👉Content

Any competitors can just duplicate any of about launch it in 35 days.
#Communities cannot be copied ©️
it's an 💙 Emotional 😍 bond with status
#buildinpublic #CommunityDriven
To build a successful community these are traits r must
🤜 Be humble & confident 
🤜 More Giving
🤜 Give limelight to others  
🤜 Really care about your community
🤜 Ensure their safety
🤜 Listen to concern
🤜 Be patient
🤜 for Long term
#CommunityDriven #buildinpublic
Some Problems with #buildinpublic
👉Understanding domain takes time
👉 Making team understand the vision
👉 Understanding use-case
👉 Fixing bugs
👉 Managing timeline
👉 even the team setting up took up 6 months of time
@helloitsolly @euboid This is very useful , every body shares the MMR in first month no body talk about burnout and struggles #buildinpublic
I just published #buildinpublic : Ep 2 When building it’s also about measuring, tracking and engaging| The Product…