Just had a call yesterday with my co-founders about setting up Agile

We're a 3 person team and it already feels like we're more productive!

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If lots of people DM you to support their product hunt launch, do it

When the time comes, DM them for your launch too

10 seconds of kindness pays back

@ThePeterMick Hey 👋, I'm Richard, and I'm working on (AI hosting service) with 2 co-founders

Follow me to see my #buildinpublic journey
Weird optimist thought I had today

Opened @evoke_app's support email and saw a few queries because the API went down briefly yesterday

Thought it was bad, but then thought if ppl are complaining about this, it means they're using the product

Do any of you do work on Sunday?

If so, what do you mainly do?

I'll be working on submitting to more directories and AI newsletters

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If anyone is noticing that the website is missing a lot of stuff with placeholder text, it's because it's still WIP

Everything will be sorted out by the end of today

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Had a chat with my co-founder yesterday about @evoke_app's launch, and a lot of things may be unoptimized

Had me worried

But such is an MVP, so you'll probably notice improvements a few days after launch once we get everything up to speed

Building an AI app? Would love to see it! Reply below with the name and what it does👇

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@ThePeterMick Hey, I'm Richard. Currently doing #buildinpublic with @evoke_app (cloud AI host for devs)

It's been an interesting journey and I've been showing every part of the process, so if you're also interested in the journey vs the end result, follow me!
🚀 It's official, @evoke_app will launch on the 18th!

Wanna get notified? Join the Discord or sign up for website newsletter

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So a lot of you are asking for a guide for growing organically on Reddit

Just put together a post on Indiehackers, and will probably break it up into tweets over the week


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Quick tip for anyone trying to promote their product organically on Reddit: use the comments!

Never once had my comments deleted for self promo

Make sure to add value + be relevant obviously, but they're much more lax there

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Finally! @evoke_app is showing on google

Before, my reddit comments would rank above my website lol

Still a ways to go, but hopefully, we can get top spot for "stable diffusion API" in the future after launch

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Been a rough road, but we finally have our pre-launch website up!

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We're thrilled for the launch of our sneak peak website!

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More delays and the rapid growth of our Discord

Here's this week's update on our project:

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Progress has been smooth but not at the speed we want it to be

Hopefully we can pull through and launch sometime in January

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Finally finished the pre-launch website!

It'll go live soon.

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Pleasant surprise to see this in the mail yesterday

AWS RAM limit increased, we can finally start building our text generator with Bloom!

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