o_O A perk of Twitter acquiring Revue allows us to add a different kind of embed to out tweets which let people know they should subscribe to my newsletter. Just link your Revue profile.

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Production videos are all the rage now.

It's like #buildinpublic, but not for SaaS.
A quick buzz around body, stamping and general assembly…
I have never written a single line of code.
Yet, in the last year I've built:

β†’ 5 sites using @carrd
β†’ 2 newsletters with @ConvertKit
β†’ An interactive 3D map @kumupowered
β†’ A community @circleapp
β†’ A blog @ghost
β†’ Database @Airtable

Damn I love 2021 #NoCode
I'm still in awe of the power of Twitter. A single tweet that took me max of 10 minutes to make has now reached 4.6 million news feeds around the world.

If anyone cares, here are the numbers you might not usually see. The tweet itself is in the quote below.


Getting there...
I'm building the biggest collaborative project the EV community has ever done.
Almost ready, launching today/tomorrow (not two weeks).