Ads are a powerful tool for extending your reach and spreading awareness in creative style.

Yet, they're only as useful as the value of your product and the depth of your content.

Before investing marketing funds on ad spend, create value for your audience.

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Power up when you partner up! 💪🏼 Building a startup is difficult on its own. You shouldn't make it more taxing by building it on your own.

#startups #buildinpublic #B2bmarketing #marketingpodcast #T2P #TheTouchpointPodcast #TCA #TheContentAdvocates happens to have forums for meeting any and every kind of tech person.

It's a well moderated community of tech enthusiasts and founders.

If you're in the market for a co-founder, you want to start there
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Today's quite a historic day for Nigerian startups as the @startupbillng has just been passed into law! Startups like ours can enjoy benefits such as tax incentives and much more.

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This approach may seem tiresome. It isn't, when you consider that you develop the same kind of content regularly, so your templates are largely reusable. The idea is to always use a guided & structured approach to content creation.

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Google's internal research showed that nearly 40% of Gen Zs use Tiktok and Instagram as search engines. What do you think the numbers will be in another 2 years?
Optimize for your audience, not for bots and algorithms.

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If you're crazy about content like we are, then you know that the internet is saturated with great content. The golden question is, how can the average person pierce through the noise? Click to see our answer…

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Today we're sharing some tough truths

⚡Great marketing doesn't make up for a lousy product🤭

⚡VC funding doesn't make up for lousy customer service

#buildinpublic won't get you all the customers you need 🌝
I love content and copywriting a little too much. I was trying to create a caption for an IG post and I got carried away and found myself at 400 words😅. I'd just like to say that there's a new article up on the blog.…
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No matter how disruptive your brand and marketing activities are, they mean little to nothing if your product doesn't walk the talk.

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