My best process for working on a new project is:
1 Backend & logic
2 Front-end & branding
3 SEO & final touches

Which process works best for you makers?
Working on something new πŸ‘€
A collection of 100+ best tools of the internet πŸ› οΈ

Will be sharing the process from tomorrow πŸš€
FlipClock Fun | Polls event leaderboards are live πŸš€
check it out β†’
Finally did the thing that I didn't wanted to do.
Ads for FlipClock 😐
Will see the results for this month and then will think about the next steps.
Idk why people think SEO is hard, I literally rank 1-5 on google by just using some basic HTML tags.
It all started from a simple note πŸ“
Thinking of adding ads to @flipclockweb should I go for google ads or partner with other for promotions?
Notion Discipline OS launch πŸš€ performed better than I expected πŸ˜ƒ
β€œA emoji that represent your current state of mind”
i’ll go first: πŸ—Ώ

What’s yours?
Working on a new notion product πŸ‘€
Guess what it is?
You are already 50% ahead the day you get started
We have finally reached $10 MRR for @flipclockweb πŸ₯³
Let's hit some more bigger milestones πŸš€
Planning to launch a Life-time plan for @flipclockweb
Should I do it πŸ€”?
β€œit’s the simple things that people don’t recognise”

Find those simple things and try to add value from it
Got our first customer for @flipclockweb
β€’ $3.29/$1000 MRR
let's goooo πŸ”₯
Make variations of your own product

β€’ have a website - create a shortcut
β€’ have a app - create a widget

Utilise your product at its full potential πŸš€
Creating a notion widget was definitely worth it πŸ’ͺ
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