BreakingBad is about successful indie hackerπŸ˜„

At the beginning Walter has a great product but can’t sell or market it.

He then pushes the product until he meets Gus and finally has a product market fit🀣

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I've been quiet on Twitter lately, that's because I've been preparing Taku πŸ•Ί It's now already in use by my first customer πŸ”₯

If you want to have cute pets on your desktop download it here…

And here is how Taku looks thereπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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What do you do if your customers don't have time to integrate your product? πŸ€”

You do it for them! πŸ˜€ Just ask your customers if they need help to start using your product, for me they are always happy to receive it!

One of my first customers is helping me to build a Taku Integration into Swift πŸš€

Really glad that I'm building in public this time. Getting so much input and help from people!

Just shipped polls feature 🎊

Now customers can ask their users what they want, kinda what @elonmusk does on Twitter πŸ˜†

As promised to @AnthonyCastrio here is an illustration for his BotEatBrain account πŸ•Ί

Today I'm not coding. Doing marketing! Never thought I would like doing this stuff πŸš€

βœ… Just finished support of markdown and the ability to upload videos/images!

Moving pretty fast, the next thing I'll ship this week is polls!

I beat my record! πŸ”₯ I've built MVP in 11 days (9 working days). 3 services are now live:

βœ… Server -
βœ… Interface for customers -
βœ… Taku -

And I've already invited my first customer!

Today I'll be deploying apps that I've built. To be honest I've already deployed 2 of them: and

All thanks to Vercel, deploying clients was never this easy!

All that is left is to deploy API server.

Just finished the UI part for the customers. Users can log in via their email, create space for their product and start sending messages.

For UI I've used Ant Design and TailwindCSS which let me write only JSX without touching CSS.

All that in 3 days!

Yesterday I've finished auth flow and creation of spaces on the client. I also did some activity on Twitter.

Today I'm planning to continue working on client and finishing my post

Aaand another famous person is now following me!

Welcome @arvidkahl, hope you'll enjoy my tweets πŸ˜€

Who doesn't know Arvid, he makes great content on how to build a startup! Follow him if you on this journey

I know that I shouldn't spend time on unnecessary features BUT I still spend my time putting a meme into UI πŸ˜†

Today I'm gonna continue working on the client part of Taku, and I'm gonna publish my first Medium Post today!

It's hard to build products nowadays. You always question yourself - maybe there is already no code solution for that? πŸ˜†

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Today I'm starting to work on the client side for customers.

It's basically a tool where they can send messages, manage comments and see analytics.

For now, it will be only for sending messages

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If you wanna iterate your product faster and make better decisions on what to build - can help you with that!

It lets you talk with users at any time.

Wanna know talk to all users - send a message!
Wanna know users' opinions - send a poll!
Ship fast, listen to customer feedback, iterate, improve, repeat steps until product market fit is found. This is how startups are built, pretty simple.…
Just had a chat with @v_ikram_

It's mind-blowing how progressive new generation is!
He got 3 customers without even having MVP 🀯

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Plan for today:

I’m gonna continue on messages, and maaaaybe I’ll even start working on users authorization. It’s a tricky one, since I’ll need to tie user to customer internal accounts.

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