Tweet AppStore stats 11-17 July

Stats are up, most likely due to launching the iPhone version (previously just watchOS). Have not marketed yet, looking promising.

Proceeds +57%
Impressions +23%
Downloads +125%
Conversion +74%

#buildinpublic #iosdev #indiedev AppStore stats 11-17 July

Stats are looking down this week, but subscribers are slowly growing. Still unsure whether the change to subscriptions has been worth it.

#buildinpublic #iosdev #indiedev
My apps have earnt me an extra $1877.73 in the last 9 months 🎉🎉 That's $1877.73 more than the proceeding period which I think is a great start. #buildinpublic
Ever since joining @wip ( over a year ago, I've actually shipped projects instead of building secretly and never launching. @marckohlbrugge has done an amazing job building this community. If anyone wants to #buildinpublic and try free for 30 days DM me. AppStore June 27 - July 10.
Stats are fairly statistically insignificant. iOS version is live but not "launched" marketing soon should help.

Impressions +12%
Product Page Views +10%
Conversions Rate -29%
Downloads -25%
Proceeds -23%
#buildinpublic #iosdev AppStore stats Jun 27 - Jul 10
Experimenting with basic search ads. As I started late in the month, quicker spend.

Impressions: +1000%
Product Page Views: +244%
Conversion Rate: -82%
Downloads: + 153%
Proceeds: +375%
Ad spend: $80

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June 20-26 for

All the numbers are up for no particular reason :)

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June 20-26 stats. I started using search ads which is why the conversion rate dropped. Increased proceeds will show in next report due to trial period.

Impressions +58%
Downloads +21%
Conversion -24%

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I've officially sold my first business which was built from my parent's basement and have now run for seven years. In 38 minutes I will no longer be the owner and it's time to focus on new adventures 🎉🎉🎉

#buildinpublic #builtinpublic?
I've started some experiments with basic search ads for Here's the CPI so far. Just dropped the maximum to $0.80 down from $1.50 to see what happens. (Recommended was $2.50). So far one yearly sub at $29.

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Animating 'Reusable' onscroll for to emphasise the key selling point.

I've also split out all the content into json files so I can use the same Gatsbyjs site for all my apps.

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App Store stats for and for the past week. Big jump in impressions for Beep Test Watch not sure why.

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I spent today focused on fixing bugs in my fitness testing Apple Watch app I've also made a lot of progress on the iPhone version which is coming soon. Here are May's stats for the Watch only.

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I'm using Apple's product page optimisation for the first time to run some A/B tests of the new screenshots below for

Will post the results.

Check out the product page for the previous:…

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📊App Store Stats for for May.
This week: Improve conversion to paid.

Impressions: 5.7k
Product Views: 1.2k
Conversion Rate: 10.1%
Downloads: 368
Downloads to paying: 2%
Proceeds: $104
Sessions: 2.9k
Active Devices: 209

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Work is coming along on the #iOS version of a way to test and track your cardio #fitness. This is the first iteration of the UI, which I've been designing directly in code with a few scrappy sketches.

#buildinpublic #iosdev
I'm contemplating building an #android version of CheckYourList. If you are interested sign up for the waitlist here:

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My goal is to develop to help people live their best, most organised lives.

To this end I've moved from an in-app purchase to subscriptions. (Which I managed to do quite quickly with @RevenueCat)

Why 👇
#iosdev #buildinpublic #indiehacker #startup v1.2.0 is now live 🎉
- Integrates more iOS Shortcuts & Suggested actions
- Core Spotlight Integration (makes the app searchable)
- Colors for checklists and groups
- Subscriptions so I can spend more time building the app
#buildinpublic #iosdev