@joshlim and I had some fun in the Twitter space. 2 hours of my day only to be in front of dis.

Similar to BTC and ETH…

Few will understand.

#BuildInPublic is a strong start
Btw, when joining THIS DAO:

- We are trailblazers, innovators, the discarded, the unique, the unstoppable, the self made, the outspoken with quiet reproach.

if you wanna make money off the labor of others, go somewhere else.

#BuildInPublic #BuilderStandup
@StrongStarter Lol dude I am literally trying to invest. And I can’t get a damn clue what it is you are selling. You talk too much and too smart. Slow it down and explain to people what you have please. Energy is great but damn son lol
Twitter is definitely the medium with #BuildInPublic

We will be deploying TONS of stuff over the next few weeks and looking forward to accepting as many people and offering as much wonderful stuffs as we can.
@StrongStarter @_100DaysOfCode How do I follow along? Is there something that I can subscribe to the latest? is it available now?
Anyone else wanna ask an #AI a coding or architecture problem? Taking requests for a bit.

#100DaysOfCode #BuildInPublic
@DesignJokes @_100DaysOfCode I use #AI for this is what it suggests:
I'm listing this up for auction to help fund #BuildInPublic as a contest.

Any devs / #NFT kids willing to contribute, we're about to go live with ushering in tons of utility for #blockchain applications.

If you haven't followed along, it's only been a week on @Twitter .
I this building in public or thinking out loud (typing out brightly / darkly)?
I'll bite.

Where's the link to get started? I'll demo and give feedback on this thread.

#BuildInPublic @StrongStarter
@StrongStarter @poortechworker Well it helps you write user stories faster
I imagine that is everything that @airbnb does. Just a constant set of screenshares. A network for collaboration. That's what #BuildInPublic or #Build in Public is all about.

Will there be a $BUILD token that we support: Absolutely.

A list of other NFT projects we will do:
This is #BuildInPublic

(Welcome to the future of technology)

Think: A podcast, but for building a product that can be subscribed in whatever way you want.

That's the amount of content we're talking for major networks.
Any #VC or #finance peeps wanna give some advice to help me crush it with my 6 months of research?

Help me with reach if you’ve followed along this past week.

#startup #StrongStart #BuildInPublic #GoTogether #buildwhatsnext
Currently building the interior of one of the rooms for HypeHouse in my game...Company Collector.