You can now push updated blogpost to GitHub. It will create a new commit on your default branch.

Here it will likely be picked up by your CI/CD.

You can now add a new post from Spinal CMS. ✍

it opens the edit post screen right away with the body front and center.


Another quick one today: quite fun! 😎

Fields are automatically transformed in the correct input type, eg. text, datetime and select.

Really useful as most of your content writers might be less tech-savvy.

Quick update today as it's the weekend. 🏖

Can update the frontmatter now in Spinal CMS too. Really magical in a way. 🧙‍♀️

Am now able to extract the body of the markdown files too.

Even more cool, I can update it already right from Spinal CMS. 😊

And the updated body gets serialised back to a real markdown file. 👯‍♀️

Updated parsing and serializing just now. Works with nesting like tags and authors, but also key/value nesting (eg. Image > Caption). 🕺

Got parsing working on Wednesday. Now also the other way around.

Created and updated content can now be returned as the same file as it was fetched from your repo.

Got parsing of the markdown with frontmatter files working.

Every static site generator we want to support uses markdown with frontmatter.

Got a really versatile parser that checks for strings, text, datetime and select fields. 🤯

Got some basic fetching of the content from a hard-coded repo + path in place.

I like to play around and get something working quickly before refactoring in more reusable code.

Spinal CMS was previously an internal tool to get marketers help me with blog writing.

I love my the tool I use (@bridgetownrb), but no super -easy way to collaborate without any installs or set up.

After showing it to a few fellow founders, they said:

Want to get on the list to get early access? Head over to for more info.

We will soon also be featured on @betalist btw.

Hello #buildinpublic! For the next few weeks I'll take on a journey, step by step, of building Spinal CMS. A minimal CMS for static site generators.

Simply connect your GitHub account and you are ready to collaborate with your content writers.

We start with an empty state. 😱