Your content's stats now have a new glorious place. View it by clicking the “i” icon on the right-hand side.

#buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
Exploring what should happen with links in the preview pane… 🤔

Also available as a @heyreform:…✌️

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
🤫 Coming soon to a @spinalCMS dashboard near you:

Show/hide any frontmatter in you contents overview.

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic

You can now more easily create “nested” frontmatter.
For the devs outthere: this can be a “hash” (cta in the example) or an “array” (further reading in the example). 🤯

Just click to add more fields. ✅

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic

When you set up new content in Spinal you now get some useful feedback on the source path you entered.

Quickly see if the path is correct and how many markdown files there are. 🧮

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic

You can now easily set permissions for your team members:

- write: can create and edit content
- write & publish: like “write”, but can also publish
- administrate: all the above and can invite team members, change settings, etc.


Whenever any of your collaborators starts editing content it will now be locked for others to be viewed or edited. ✋

This is shown via the little 🔒 next to the content's title.


You can now upload images to your metadata.

The new upload type added, allows you to drop/paste images similar to your content's body. 😎

And of course it's powered by your @cloudinary account. 🖼


You can now add more content than just blogposts! ✍

At @Helptail they use @bridgetownrb for their marketing site and use Spinal to create and edit:

- blogposts
- documentation
- changelog

Of course this works for all other supported SSG! 🚀

Introducing new plans and pricing! 🤑

After a few talks, walks and careful consideration, I'm changing pricing from pay-per-collaborator to unlimited collaborators for a fixed price of just $19 per month. 🤯

Spinal is a truly “boring Ruby on Rails”™ app. This allows me to ship features quickly and with joy (using the latest Hotwire tools).

What's your tech-stack like?

Interested in giving Spinal CMS a go with your static site?

Head over to

We're open for business. 🕺

Worked some more on the UI. The settings page with the integrations list is now fully done.

Also added the dropdown (up?) for the user credentails + logout.

I think that's a wrap? Many things to iron out and a tonne of ideas for the future, but it works! ✨

Onto the posts list + edit screens (and markdown preview). 🎨

Again: aiming for minimalism.

This is the dashboard UI now. I like a minimal UI.

Now the most basic features are ready for Spinal CMS. 🤯

So added authentication and the correct associations between content and the creators.

You can now:

- create an account
- log in
- invite a member with an url

Basic, but it works. #buildinpublic

Onto some UI work. 👨‍🎨
All had a good weekend? ✨

Markdown is great, but you really need to have a preview too. Keeping it simple with one parsing engine, but likely need others (with more/less options) later too.

Now that you can connect with your GitHub account, let's setup your blogposts (most requested: other content will follow).

Simple to set up:

- choose your repo
- choose the framework (eg. @bridgetownrb, @jekyllrb, etc)
- source path
- ✅

Worked on adding oauth integration with GitHub. This allows you to simply connect and be redirect back to Spinal CMS.

Tokens are stored encrypted (for obvious reasons: never store api tokens unencrypted!).

Also some UI work for the Integrations page. 🎨

Moved some expensive code (eg. fetching- and publishing) content into background jobs. Keeps the app snappy.