3/6 Today, we announced our debut IP -- Legions & Legends. It's the Forever Franchise from Azra Games and the talented people who are Azrans. We're creating a universe of epic proportions!
Check out and let us know what you think. LFG! #buildinpublic
One of the best overall events I've ever been to, let alone a vc event (WATCH the vid!). @GigiLevy @JamesCurrier @beller @peteflint @omri_drory @stan_chudnovsky were dope but the mighty @AllieKerr was the superstar producer. I am a proud @NFX founder! #buildinpublic #azragames
Last week 160+ of our Founders and friends traveled from across the world for Solstice, our annual 3-day retreat to discuss building the future.

See how we've built the strongest Guild of entrepreneurs, learn how you can join at
Lore drop! LFG! #buildinpublic #azragames
To: Colonial Law Enforcement
From: Genesis Merchant Company
Subject: Theft of Starship Chimera

ATTN: Last intercepted communication from suspect, Darko Wiggins. Charges: Mutiny, Conspiracy, Theft
Major decisions made today. Announcements to follow & road map adjustments posting. What I ♥️ about #buildinpublic is we publish our roadmap for all to follow, previously a sin in web2. Thanks for being on the journey with us. Follow for real ⏲️ updates!
Stoked about this; you’re a collaborative man, Robin. Stay gold. Let’s build…and surf! @AzraGames @a16z #buildinpublic
First fund and now first deal start to finish. I've spent way too much time (and money) in collectible RPGs like Fate/Grand Order, and when @tocelot and I spoke with @markotero about his thesis and vision for the space I was immediately taken.…
TwitterSpaces with a16z's @Tocelot @zebird0 & Fractal's @justinkan + @markotero @tjboudreaux happening 1:30 PM PST aka in a couple minutes. Come heckle us! join from your phone:…

@AzraGames #buildinpublic
This commitment to great founders making great games under great principles is going to lead the way for the next generation of genre defining games. Congrats @andrewchen @Tocelot @gwertz for being the stewards of standards. LFG! #buildinpublic
We are proud to announce 𝙂𝘼𝙈𝙀𝙎 𝙁𝙐𝙉𝘿 𝙊𝙉𝙀 — $600M to build the future of the games industry, led by @andrewchen, @Tocelot, & @gwertz.

Yeah, we made a hype video.
Suuuuuper exciting stuff rolling out in the next 48 hours. Stay tuned.



Big announcements.
@markotero, our CFO and earliest supporter Dave Scurfield and our awesome attorney @FlyingKameLA celebrating a nice project milestone. #buildinpublic @AzraGames
The Most IMPORTANT NFT Gaming Project of April! (URGENT) via @YouTube

Thanks for the review, YouTuber! These kids know how to research, I don't even have that video of ringing the bell at Nasdaq. Where'd he get that?! #buildinpublic #azragames
JUST ANNOUNCED! I’m doing an AMA in the @AzraGames discord today at 10AM PST. Yes, community chose me on 4/20...cuz I'll take it higher. Join if you’re free, and @kenwalton will drop wl on someone
AMA w/ COO & cofounder Sonny Mayugba #buildinpublic…
This week, we're conducting our 2nd @AzraGames Company Onsite -- 22 people from 5 states. Last time, we explored Art & Game Mechanics, Community, Reverse Engineering, Ecosystems, Tokenomics, IDO, Engineering Principles, NFT mints
What should we discuss this week?
Happy Friday is having a #Web3 conversation around hiring, tokenomics, wallets, defi, and best of all, Our Reason For Being (our purpose, the why) with @roham @MickeyMaher23 and @BlockchainKR in sunny West Hollywood.

Azra X @CryptoKitties!?

Not exactly, but here's Azra's own @SonnyMayugba and @BlockchainKR mixing it up with @CryptoKitties and @dapperlabs founder @roham and SVP @MickeyMaher23 down in L.A. today.

Many business and non-business topics discussed.

Talk amongst yourselves.
It's "I want a dream job that will make me most happy" Friday and with that, here is a DOPE ROLE at @AzraGames in lovely Sactown. This is the hub of the studio and the game.
#Web3 #LFG #WAGMI #buildinpublic…
Azra Games and Arcanas: All Star Ex-EA Team Building the Next Big Crypto... via @YouTube

Our first YouTube review! A remarkably through and accurate breakdown on where we are at @AzraGames. #buildinpublic
In my first startup @HecklerMagazine we used to make logos by hand out of various materials. It's so dope to see fans of @AzraGames doing it with fan art! #buildinpublic #web3
Spent the last few days mapping out and working on this piece, done on reclaimed poplar wood with wire brad nails and cotton string :) hope you like it! @AzraGames #GameFi #Azraevents
Big news! Today we welcome @neelreel to the kingdom of @AzraGames and other than building a dope world for Arcanas, I hope he makes a video of me in an x-wing. Childhood dreams! #buildinpublic #Web3 #blockchain
We welcome @neelreel to Azra Games as our VP of Creative, building the new worlds of our games. Neel has 14 years under his belt at EA on Apex Legends, Star Wars, and more. Check out his award-winning Star Wars short ‘Hunted’ produced by ILM: