Daily reminder that posting daily is basically guaranteed to grow your follower count.

Free marketing!

How much extra time would you have if somebody else was writing and tweeting for you every single day?

I have realized automation is THE key to unlocking growth.

#buildinpublic #startups
The ideal Twitter post:

--Has the lines spaced out
--Says something interesting
--If you're below 1,000 followers, use hashtags IMO

#startup #buildinpublic
The hardest part of #buildinpublic is getting your message out and staying consistent, in my opinion.
Biggest mental health and productivity hack for me this year:

Planning my whole week on Sunday.

Wednesday to Friday especially feels more calm.

What are some of the best ways to reduce churn?

We had some users that didn't even post the tweets that we generated for them :\

At 80%+ retention but want to improve. Maybe a better ICP or are we missing a feature?

Curious to hear thoughts.