❗️Check your smart contract for a lack of proper input validation

Users can view and interact with every variable

Make sure that you’re avoiding any unknown by ensuring that the intended variables in your functions are greater than zero

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@AaveAave has the best #Polygon chain integration

All of the latest contracts are frequently deployed and used both on testnet and mainnet, which let us kickstart the development of #OpenFormat in a live environment with low gas fees

#100DaysOfWeb3 #buildinpublic
Building a product for your own problem isn't always ideal

•Building for yourself -could make you biased and less open to external advice
•Building for someone else -puts you in a position of curiosity in which you’re more willing to listen and iterate

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Want to build for #web3 and prepare for the next bull market?

Grab an open-source protocol and start breaking stuff!

#OpenFormat lets you build your own ecosystem
•Everything you build will be yours to keep/earn from💰👇
#100DaysOfWeb3 #buildinpublic
🛠Testing #OpenFormat by forking mainnet

We are simulating a certain state of the mainnet blockchain and updating it to test the code locally using Hardhat(@HardhatHQ)

🟣OpenFormat is an open-source protocol for building your own #NFT ecosystems. #100DaysOfWeb3 #buildinpublic
❗️Stick to 3 user acquisition methods that truly work, whether they include:

- Networking events
- Newsletter
- Google AdWords
- Social media

Your attention drops with every new method, which eventually will result in all of them failing to be profitable
On your way to the proof of concept? Now remember:

⏰60% of the success is TIMING. If your product is either too late or too early, you don’t stand a chance

🚨Your product is FLAWED. Keep growing the evidence that people need your solution

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