#buildinpublic UPDATE
Yesterday I had my first ever online product launch 🔥

So far, I've only done it IRL, and I have to admit it was both frightening and exciting. 😁

I will share everything I learn on my journey. 🚀
@SebDugudae That's true... I avoid actually to mention my products outside of #buildinpublic tweets. 😁

It's totally wrong to pitch people all the time.

But I am slowly starting to talk about engagement in my tweets. 😁 Because we're building @EngagementBuild. It's helpful + marketing 😁
#buildinpublic is the best way to start your marketing early. 🔥

If you consider #buildinpublic as something that you lose time on then you should reconsider your marketing. 😁

This is the only way to build with your customers, without churn. 🚀
#BuildInPublic UPDATE

@MetricsCount website is finally coming along nicely. 🔥

I have prepared a copy, but I had to change it, to make it more actionable. 🚀

Here is a small sneak peek. 😁

What do you think? 🔥
@natension Hello 👋

My name is Amer 😁 I tweet about marketing, business and code. I have a blog @webinuse and I also started #buildinpublic journey. I am building @MetricsCount 🥰
Good morning ☀️

#buildinpublic UPDATE:

I am wrapping up my landing page for MetricsCount. 🤩

What are you up to? 😁
The best thing I got from #buildinpublic is connections and people. ❤️

I really enjoy every day here discussing about all the different things and learning from you all 🙏
@SebDugudae @StartTweetSaga @tdinh_me Awesome 🤩

Glad I could help. This is one of the plus sides of #buildinpublic 🚀
#buildinpublic UPDATE

I finally started the development of my SaaS and I am slowly progressing with the website. 🚀

I'm using DAS PRO template by @natension and it is easy, because I don't have to spend my energy on design. I only need to create my copy. 🔥
@TheAmineAouragh @PeterHolzer16 I am building one at the moment. It's called Metrics Count. It is going to be privacy oriented and GDPR compliant 😀

That is my SaaS and my #buildinpublic journey 😀
Before I started my journey on #buildinpublic I read several different books, among which two were the most helpful.

The first is Zero to Sold by @arvidkahl, and the second is Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller.

I highly recommend both of those! 🚀
GM 🌞

#buildinpublic UPDATE 🔥

Copy for Metrics Count web is almost done 🚀

Now, I am preparing to implement it on the website and publish it.

I am using the DAS PRO template, by @natension.

He already created 2 free templates. 🤯

Find them here ⬇️
#buildinpublic UPDATE

So I was arguing today about the importance of good heading (like above the fold).

I am more for plain and simple, while some of my "consultants" are more for abstract.

My idea is something like Metrics That Counts!

Would you like something like that? 😀
@htmleverything Hello Mike! My name is Amer. By day I own agency but by night I become content creator and I publish on my blog.

Lately I decided to start on a journey of #buildinpublic and make my own SaaS. 🚀
@KatyCodesStuff Hello Katy. IRL I run agency for web design.

But here I try to create some content by publishing articles on my blog and lately I decided to try #buildinpublic challenge and build a privacy oriented analytics SaaS 😁
#buildinpublic UPDATE:

I am creating a narrative and copy for landing page for my SaaS Metrics Count. 🔥

I also decided I am going to prepare some other marketing stuff while we're building website. 👀
@NotechAna I started my #buildinpublic journey
Presented a logo of my future SaaS
Met a ton of interesting people here
My DMs are on fire

I have quite a lot to be proud of 😁

What about you?
@AlessandraEsse Thank you! Yes! It is officially the first day of my #buildinpublic journey.

It is going to be a wild ride 🔥😁
Today is the day. I am going to disclose some things about my upcoming SaaS and my #buildinpublic journey! 🔥

Also, I am going to present the logo and why I chose this specific niche.