Cookie consent, does that mean I’m ready to release ?? 🤣 #buildinpublic
Bro check is important, so far in between call and email I've manage to add Referrer option, so I can see where the traffic come from!

How do you guys track it?

@ShvZFR how is the release going? 😏
Today I had a nice meeting, and might had a lead for something! While doing the demo, the guys saw my localhost:3000 and ask me: “what that, this is a nice looking landing page” I still hasn’t finish, not even live and getting some feedback 💯👌 #buildinpublic
Office of the day ✌️what you guys are building this Saturday ? How do you balance the grind? #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Ok serious question, how do you or what are you guys using to manage your bookmark on twitter ?? I feel I’m always finding gems on the go but do not revisit the bookmark #buildinpublic
Prompt rework done and pushed ✅, I get to like some of the new released style! #ramenpositive #buildinpublic
Looking to add a testimonial section on my landing page, now I need to know, what you guys use, any recommendation? 👀

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
For some reason I did not received the stripe notification, but it feel so nice to see this on the dashboard, my first ever 2 payment received from stranger for my app 🥹🤯

Weekend is starting, I had an awful week at work, what’s your plan boy and girl, any ramen positive in planning 🍜 ? #buildinpublic
@ikoichi God damn it #buildinpublic / #indiehacker

*I will never recover from this!*

Congrats Luca, waiting for the launch... patiently :)
Let say I’d like to acquired an interesting project/SaaS, where would I start this quest ? #buildinpublic
So I’m listening to #IndieHackers podcast #273 do we have any meetup in 🇵🇱 ? So inspiring #buildinpublic
Doubt this morning, am I the only one ? Last night I shipped 3 small features for one of my side project, I use GPT4 but the feeling once it work wasn’t as exciting as I did it myself, I also don’t feel I retain the process to reproduce myself 😔 #buildinpublic
👋#indiehackers & #buildinpublic In need of suggestion

I'm using a lot of contractors at work, and I'd like to start collecting survey data, so I can measure the quality of work of the contractor
Any suggestion ? I'd like to build a dashboard, so excel extract required I believe
#Buildinpublic Day 6/?? Happy 🐣

Not a lot ongoing as I'm traveling visiting family I didn't want to lose momentum, I worked on the feature & footer section, still need to work on the FX and work on the leaderboard presentation!

What are you guys working on this Sunday? 👇
#Buildinpublic Day 5/?? @Sendinblue is IN!

this will allow me to maintain the contact list directly (assuming anyone would want to be notify!)

Next would be the user profile, wish me luck !!😅
#Buildinpublic Day 4/?? - Registration user is now ✅

Day 5 will be research on the email newsletter and finish up the feature for the landing page!

I have had a blast so far, the feeling when you see the progress is 💪
#Buildinpublic Day 4/?? Email backend

in prep of Day 5 (although this is day 4, focus is around user registration)

Any recommendation what to use to collect email? Should I use a service like @Sendinblue or just collect the email on a database for now? Suggestion please 👀
#Buildinpublic Day 3/?? Login backend in!

@supabase for the win! when you realized I could have used the supa-ui-react but I didn't know ✅ 😅

Tomorrow, onto the registration form!

That feeling when you feel achieving something is amazing, even a small thing!
#Buildinpublic Day 2/?? Login page in!

In preparation for the registration process, I have worked on the login page, not sure about the color scheme yet but gonna have to ship the first version somehow (at least trying 😅)🔥