Who am I helping with @shopiverxe:

- Shopify App Developers who want to reach out to Shopify stores directly

- Agencies who want to provide services to Shopify stores like marketing or theme development

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Only if I had read this book by @arvidkahl earlier, I might have taken the Right Approach for @shopiverxe 😬

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"Platform for finding Cold Email/DM Marketing leads"

How do I pitch that on a Cold Email/DM 😅

cc: @alxberman

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Brainstorming tagline for @shopiverxe

Which one sounds more reasonable?

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Announcement 🔥

FREE tier is now available on @shopiverxe 🥳

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7 users canceled their trials or didn't subscribe at all on @shopiverxe

Thinking of giving users "a taste" of what they are missing for FREE.

Something like, sign up without creeit card and you get "15 search" for free.

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Making a Fast search on 1 Million records is not easy/cheap 😬

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Getting the country of a Shopify store was supposed to be easy but its proving to be tricky.

Can anyone throw some ideas about how one can know the country of a Shopify store??

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Putting the "email" in your Cold Email Marketing campaigns here at @shopiverxe 🤓

Emails are coming soon!

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Writing code is easier than writing a landing page copy 🥴

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It's building the landing page day here at @shopiverxe

I will try to write a copy about:

- build the lists for Cold Messaging Marketing, tailored for Shopify stores.

- shopiverxe for Shopify App Developers

- pricing section

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Cold DM Marketing, has this term been coined yet?

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Two more filters coming to

- Shopify Plus account - (Work in progress)
- Dropshipping stores

Building the hype 🤓😅🔥

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Shopiverxe Beta now available 🚀

Sent 5 DMs to the people who showed interest in @shopiverxe earlier.

Let's see how many beta users I can get 🤞

If you're interested in checking out @shopiverxe as well, send me a DM and I'll set you up.

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Could it get any faster than this? 🤓

@shopiverxe - opening for beta launch soon.

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I am going down the rabbit hole of making the "search" on @shopiverxe "faster".

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Can it get any easier than @stripe checkout? 🤯

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It's @stripe Checkout Integration day on @shopiverxe

Happy weekend!

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I haven't given up on @shopiverxe

Just waiting on a good solution to accept payments, not easy to achieve this living in a third world country 😑

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So, Paddle didn't approve our account for @shopiverxe 😭

Now thinking of doing some integration via @gumroad

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