Shopify App Devs, do you need more installs?

Cold outreach to prospects can get you more installs.

Where do you find "right prospects"?

@shopiverxe brings you easy to find Shopify leads/prospects.

Join us today and start growing your app.

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Good Morning #buildinpublic community 👋

What you'll be building today?
1 more follower and we'll reach 200 🚀🔥

#buildinpublic community is awesome 👌
Day 3 of #marketingweekchallenge done.

Landing page for was long overdue.

Let me know what y'all think 🤩

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Can you describe your SaaS in One Line?

I go first:

@shopiverxe is a platform that connects Shopify App Developers and Marketing Agencies with the right Shopify leads and prospects 🚀

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Hello to new followers 👋

I am Zubair (guy behind this profile 🤓)

Building @shopiverxe as a side(indie) project, which helps Shopify App Devs, Marketing agencies to get legit Prospects/Leads of Shopify stores.

Say hi below and say a thing or two about yourself

Decided to give it 3 more months 😅

Let's goo... More marketing this time (hopefully)

#buildinpublic #saas
Might sunset @shopiverxe soon 😭🥹

it was a good journey

#buildinpublic #saas
Might sunset @shopiverxe soon 😭🥹

it was a good journey

#buildinpublic #saas
Project @shopiverxe is great. It has a scope.

My resources are so limited to run such kind of a project :(

And by resources I mean Money 😂

Not sure if Angel Investors are into this kinda thing?

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Had a hectic weekend, but feeling good about work this Monday 💪

Let's get to work

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I think I got myself into something bigger than me with @shopiverxe 😬

#saas #buildinpublic
Few days ago, I was happy I am getting users.

Now I am stressing why none of them is converting 😭

#saas #buildinpublic
20 users, no paid customers on @shopiverxe 🥴

I think I am gonna ask directly to those customers what's up with that 😅

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Exports in @shopiverxe will solve your problem of importing Prospects/Leads into the service of your choice.

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Hey #buildinpublic folks,

What y'all using these days to send marketing emails?

#SaaS #EmailMarketing

@shopiverxe users need the ability to Export more than Search.

So that they can import it to mail sending softwares and start sending emails.

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What are you working on this weekend??

I'll start, I am learning about Marketing a SaaS business(@shopiverxe)

#saas #buildinpublic #marketing
Looking at competitors can give you a lot of perspective!

#saas #buildinpublic