Release Day: @liftbearapp 1.6 is available on the App Store and Google Play! 🎉🥳

🗒 Notes for Workouts and Sessions
💪 Secondary Muscle Groups
🏋️‍♀️ New Workout Icons
🤝 Exercise Type: Assisted Weight

It's one of these commits where you actually don't know whether you made it better or worse 😅

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Received great user feedback again and finally implemented it:

After completing your session you can instantly compare your results with the last session of the same workout.

I love to implement features real users wished for 🙌

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I actually wanted to launch a big new update for @liftbearapp today. But I underestimated the (super random) long review times for the Play Store...

I guess I'll launch tomorrow then 😒

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Finally implemented notes for workouts and session in @liftbearapp. Will be available in the next update!

This one was a tough one to crack UX-wise...

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Happy monday! My plans for this week:

📱 Push version 1.6 of @liftbearapp to the App Store and Google Play
📆 Plan future versions and milestones
🧾 Some accounting work for my app business

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Pretty great week for me and @liftbearapp. Feels good when people choose to check out the pro version! 🎉

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The hardest part when building new features for my app: Deciding where to place new UI elements. Sometimes it's super hard to find the right place for them and keeping the balance between UX and UI design.

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Extended the exercise filter, so that users can filter by exercise type (weighted, bodyweight, ...)!

Coming soon to @liftbearapp 💪

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Finalized the new build for @liftbearapp 1.6.0, so everything should be prepared for an extended test session over the next couple of days 💪

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Added new symbols for workouts in @liftbearapp, shipping with the next update.

I think it does give the app a more professional look compared to the emojis.

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Finally, after a long time without anything happening, I got a new user on trial 💪

Let's hope he/she converts!

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Got awesome feedback from a customer of @liftbearapp:

Totally neglected exercises with "negative" weight (e.g. assisted pullups). With the next update users will be able to track their progress of this exercises!

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Ah, this must be the dreaded @Firebase bill everyone warned me about 😅

Love the generous free tier for Firestore, Authentication and Crashlytics!

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It's monday again! Here is my plan for this week:

📝 Add the last remaining feature for version 1.6 of @liftbearapp: Notes for Workouts/Sessions
🔎 Lots of bug searching and testing
❓ Writing some kind of FAQ for most common support issues

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Great resource if you need distinguishable colors for your project:…

Will be nice for displaying muscle groups in @liftbearapp! 🙌

Just noticed: @liftbearapp crossed 250 registered users! If you're one of them: Thank you for trying it out, that means a lot to me 💪

And if you enjoy the app: Consider leaving a review on the App Store. That helps me a lot 🙏

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Is your next exercise already occupied in the gym? Fast-switch between alternative exercises!

Now available in @liftbearapp 💪

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So App Store Connect decided to look like this for me today... Very good, when you want to publish a hotfix for your app 😕

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One-Rep-Max calculation done 🏋️‍♀️💪
Now available in @liftbearapp!

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