I put together a roadmap for Saastic. Some ideas:

- Request reviews over SMS
- Auto-tweet your best reviews
- Pull reviews in from Google, G2, etc.
- Embed reviews on your site
- Auto-update your star rating in Google search

I’m just getting started. #buildinpublic
We’re offering a *lifetime deal* for a limited time to Saastic. Every product needs reviews. We help you get them.

- 5,000 monthly requests.
- Unlimited projects.
- All paid features.
- Pay once. Use forever.
How long before someone creates a script that posts GitHub commits, Wordle style? #buildinpublic
Building a startup is a lot of fun when you have customers giving you feedback on what to build next. #buildinpublic
If you think JavaScript is easy, try building your own WYSIWYG text editor. #buildinpublic