Day 13 of #BuildInPublic
🛠 I’d like to share the tools I’m using for building my @NotionHQ Consultancy as part of my #BuildInPublicMastery challenge…

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Day 3’s #BuildInPublic
(Not easy for me!)
The struggle is real…

“What if I fail?”

“What if I put myself out there and it doesn’t work?”

“What will they think?”

I’m looking forward to Building in Public with @MeetKevon.

Kevon is one of those amazing humans who understands how to connect with others & bring out the best in them.

I’ll be building my Notion Consultancy service as an add-on to my other offerings.

@Nicholas_Duncan I’m in (just started #buildinpublic) and found out about you through @MeetKevon.

Hey @kimdoyal, you may have already seen this?!