Today I updated the pricing page in Prioneer.

It looks more clear now, and aims to explain better how many users can join to prioritize together. Also I added an FAQ.

More changes coming. There will be a new pricing plan and some CTAs.

A five-minute change that turned out to be a huge quick-win.

The problem: my users could not find how to create a weighted scoring (RICE Prioritization, ...) in Prioneer.

Weeks ago I added a "notice" inside another wizard. Since then the error dropped to zero.

I stopped defining enum constants as VERY_NICE_CONSTANT.
Instead I do: veryNiceConstant

I get:
- values in JSON responses are uniform
- migrating constants to dynamic DB data works seamlessly
- no need for mappers

Are there disadvantages?
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My favorite custom JavaScript util: “propSort”

array.sort( propSort('createdAt') )

Also does:

propSort('-createdAt') //(descending)
propSort('') //(nested)
propSort('', '-createdAt') //(second prop)

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I'm excited to be on this week's episode of the Product Stories Podcast.

Are my releases a pain? Can DevOps help? What's so great about Docker and Kubernetes? Should early-stage startup founders care about DevOps and why?

Listen to it here 👇

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Would you add a „Delete Account“ button to an MVP?

In two apps I launched no one who signed up bothered to delete their account/workspace so far.

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I only learned now that the latest PagerDuty Plan has free quotas for Phone/SMS notifications.

I like Phone notifications for things that require immediate action, and this is a great way to get started when you have a small volume.

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I love how simple it was to setup sending exceptions to Bugsnag with Spring.

Just adding the Bean, and then sending all exceptions I want from the ExceptionHandler

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Your code will be best if you see your own code as a framework and yourself as a framework user

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When it comes to automated testing, people will keep raising the same nonsense objections.

The most nonsense are:
- tests cannot catch all errors
- it gives the wrong impression that everything works
- it makes you slower
- writing tests is too complicated

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Life lesson learned.

When I was younger, I asked an Internet Millionaire from my city for advice for my startup idea.

When he heard my business model, he explained to me, that it cannot work.

I stopped pursuing it.
Years passed and I heard that someone using

not gonna lie, google search console is insanely addictive

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My current way to publish articles on my website: write them in Notion

NextJS → My API → Notion API

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Wrote my first blog article since 4 years.

Thought it will take me three days at least, but just took one day. #focus

Wrote my first blog article since 4 years.

Though it will take me three days at least, but just took one day. #focus

From next week on will allow you to prioritize your JIRA backlog, helping you to narrow your focus to your most important tasks.

Finalizing the integration this week. #buildinpublic
It took me 2 weeks to make my first money online.

What did I learn to do so?
1. Basic HTML, CSS, PHP
2. Learn to deploy

You don't need paid courses.
You don't need to read 10 marketing books.
You dont'need to listen to 20 podcasts.
Just get started.
Yesterday: created og image on the fly generation
Today: stripe integration

Sharing the stats of beeing featured on 10words:

2165 impressions, 61 clicks, ~ 25 people created a room

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Migrated my CD docker pipeline to github actions today.

Happy to go back to what I wanted to do in the first place