To fetch an API in @Android app I decided to use retrofit instead of volley because in @github retrofit has 40.6k stars and 7.2k forks. Where volley has 3.2k stars and 750 forks. 😛 #buildinpublic
Using google sheet as database for my android app. So I built an API for google sheet with the help of appscript #buildinpublic
I thought I will use google sheet as a database for my android app. But there is no proper youtube tutorial on that. So I break it into two parts
1. Create an API using google sheet
2. Fetch API in android using retrofit
@buildinpublic #buildinpublic
The only way to truly learn something is by doing it. - @IndieHackers #buildinpublic
Successfully connected sqlite database with recyclerview and display the database data. #buildinpublic @IndieHackers
AutoTextComplete using editText is added to app for search journey. Also it include recyclerview and material card view. #buildinpublic @IndieHackers
Recycler view grid with image asset and textview. #buildinpublic @IndieHackers
Using recycler view in fragments with image and textview #buildinpublic @IndieHackers
Displaying bus information using constraint layout #buildinpublic @IndieHackers
ActivityResultLauncher intent is added for passing data between the fragments and activity #buildinpublic @IndieHackers
EditText RecyclerView search is added to the bus timing app #buildinpublic @IndieHackers
Using Java "Set" for getting unique data from sqlite database. #buildinpublic
Bus Timings Android Application #buildinpublic @IndieHackers First page xml design using cardview, textview and buttons.