We’ve launched an Insquad(b2b startup) on @ProductHunt and got +$6,000 to MRR. I am sharing launch insights and results. Thread πŸ‘‡

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if you're a funder and you still:
- didn't record a podcast about business
- didn't start meditating for 5 hours a day
- didn't burn out after 3 months of work

Then you don't have a chance to win.

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A founder's job is 90% to manage people's emotions and expectations

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Insquad is the #3 product of the day on PH πŸŽ‰
Thanks to our clients, partners, and community for your trust and support! It was a fantastic experience.

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Crazy night! I love my job. Insquad is still LIVE on Product Hunt! So far we are third but everything can change. @chrismessina we need your retweet to support us :)

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Today we launched Insquad on the Product Hunt, fighting for the first place with Telegram with 700 million users! In Insquad, we help startups hire senior remote Startup-ready developers fast.

So far, we are ahead! Support us by link –

Hey #buildinpublic startup founders! Insquad is LIVE on Product Hunt! We're very close to winning!

Would love your support and feedback:
@ProductHunt Thanks for the post! Let's help all developers find their dream job!

Scale your team 4x faster by hiring startup-ready remote developers.

Insquad has an 85% interview-to-hire rate:
Hey fellow startup founders! Insquad is LIVE on Product Hunt!

At Insquad, we supercharge hiring developers in startups by 4x - with remote tech heroes from all over the world!

Would love your support and feedback:

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Everyone on the team should learn and do marketing and sales in a very early-stage startup

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We are launching on PruductHunt soon! Subscribe to our upcoming page –…

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#buildinpublic thread about how we make Insquad. Insquad is a platform where you can hire remote senior developers who want and know how to work in startups.

I share fuckups and wins about:
🟒 b2b sales
🟒 b2b marketing and growth hacks
🟒 product development

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