Have you defined your brand colors? You should.

I use color Orange a lot. Do you like it? 🤔 It is aggressive but balanced — it portrays energy yet can be warm and welcoming.

I'm making my new freebie in Canva, although in my drafts I have a tweet of reasons why I don't use Canva. :D

I want this to be accessible to everyone. But not everyone know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator. So Canva it is.

I said I'll celebrate my first month on @gumroad with another freebie. I finally have an idea and time for it.

It will be about brand guidelines. Probably I will start working on that tomorrow.

People are asking me when I'll launch my paid product. I have one in mind, but I'm not sure about it.

Also, people are asking me about consulting services. They don't need another PDF. They just want to talk to someone. I'm starting to consider this. 🤔

The heat wave is here. 🥵 So it was a slow day. Didn't go much further with my #BuildInPublic project.

But I have a question.

What's the hardest part for you advertising your business on social media? Coming up with content ideas? Choosing the right SM platform? Smth else?
People are paying for my freebies. 🤯 Dudes, you know they're free, right?

Thank 👏 you 👏 so 👏 much! 👏

@therealroth I just wanted to try and see where it takes me. Plus I really like #BuildInPublic community.
Remember how I said I'll probably edit my freebie and create cover photos today? Yeah... No. #BuildInPublic
Today I didn't to anything for my #BuildInPublic project. Except editig my blog that I wrote yesterday for my latvian audience.

But it's okay. Once in a while I need to do some work for my clients. 😅

Tomorrow I'll start working on my new freebie.
This day was way better for my #BuildInPublic project. 🤩

✔️ Had an idea for new freebie
✔️ Had an idea for new service
✔️ Made some edits to my soon-to-be new paid resource
✔️ Wrote a blog for my latvian audience (I'm building in 2 languages)

+ my everyday work with clients.
My #BuildInPublic project is digital materials that could help small businesses or people who's new to SMM role to make the most of their social media pages.

Today was a busy day, so I didn't go much further with it. But I made some edits to my plan. It's still a small win.
Today I am starting my #BuildInPublic journey with @MeetKevon and other amazing people from #BuildInPublicMastery . I'm very excited! 🤩