Used canva to create the background for my landing page and for the div image. Now I need some good messaging for the landing page
Gonna build a landing page for my html form product on gumroad. Maybe this will help me get my first online dollar #buildinpublic #sales
Alright! My first foray into selling digital products on Gumroad! It's an HTML and CSS template for an online form which can be used to get feedback from your blog site audience. #buildinpublic

Buy Blog Feedback Survey Form Template on @Gumroad
It's always Sunday nights that I find the solutions to coding problems 🙃. This time around, I decided to do everything else except programming today, then looked back at it and saw what was wrong in a few minutes 😑. Day 83 of #100DaysOfCode #buildinpublic
Day 79 of #100DaysOfCode . I got the computer to play one move for every human move for my tic tac toe game. Problem I now have, is that the computer does not play all the time 🙃. Now I gotta find out why this is 😑 #javascript #buildinpublic
Day 78 of #100daysofcode spent the past week implementing game logic for my tic tac toe game as well as teaching the computer the game. Not quite finished but I'm confident I can post it this week #buildinpublic
Day 23 of #100DaysOfCode . Slow progress but progress! Found further problems with my original code as the book additions would not create individual div elements. The function that was responsible for adding books to the library, did not have the div element. #buildinpublic
Day 19 of #100DaysOfCode . I'm stuck 😩! Been trying to create multiple div elements with book information for the library assignment on @TheOdinProject but have been unsuccessful thus far 😔 I'm however not discouraged as I am still working on a solution #buildinpublic