Im curious for everyone #buildinpublic, what percentage of your users come from your audience?
Just finished validation for storybook ai. The aim was 40 email sign ups...the results are in...

I received 7. Looks like it's not as big as I thought.

Is it weird that I still feel like building it. 🤔

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Day #1 results of running Facebook ads on my landing page.

Precampaign signups: 4
New sign ups: 0
Total sign ups: 4

Days to go: 6

Next step done. Just scheduled my ad on Facebook to drive traffic to my landing page.

Validation criteria: more than 40 sign ups.

I am currently validating this AI storybook generator concept. Current approach...
✅️Create landing page
⭕️Run Facebook Ads
❓️Test: >40 Success
Just finished my landing page for my new project. Ai storybook generator. Would love to know your thoughts. #buildinpublic