Been playing around with @glideapps to display my Airtable data over last few days and have been awarded new community member of the month!! Taking the small wins 😂. #buildinpublic
Day 10 - Still inputting questions into the forms and testing. Signed up to @airtable - hoping to link the two in the next few days. #BuildInPublic #NoCode
Day 9 - Settled for @TallyForms for the form platform of the MVP. Inputting 50+ questions. There should be a way to import forms from other platforms or a spreadsheet/doc. #BuildInPublic #NoCode
Day 8 - Discovered the amazing @TallyForms to build my MVP. Intuitive, flexible Form SaaS and generous free tier compared to Jotform and Typeform. Will upgrade if I can monetize my idea. Give it a spin and help Indie Builders - #BuildinPublic #NoCode
Day 7 - Working on Idea 2 (Personal Wiki) while Idea 1 is at Upwork. Evaluating #NoCode Form platforms incl @Jotform , @typeform. Any other card-type forms you can recommend? #BuildInPublic #Forms
Day 6 - Played around with @FlowXO - looks like it can do my Micro Viable Product, but need technical help to link and pull Google Sheets info. Have resorted to assistance from @Upwork. #BuildInPublic #NoCode.
Day 5 - After reviewing the chatbot platforms, did a bit more searching and came across @FlowXO. Their free tier has more options allowing me to trial linking to a spreadsheet. #buildinpublic #NoCode
Day 4 - Evaluating #Chatbot platforms - down to @Landbot_io , @chatfuel, @Ideta_Fr. Main hurdle is having free API functionality to build MVP. Need to test viability without a subscription. #BuildinPublic #NoCode
Day 3 of #buildinpublic - Flesh out idea 1: Basis of charity search platform (in Sri Lanka) - people want to donate but not sure where to start + unaware of charities available + want to donate different stuff (money/clothes/food). (1/3)
Day 2 - Discovered by @nocodelife and building pages to help with idea validation while continuing to refine ideas and flows. #Buildinpublic #nocode
Day 1 - Started this account to help with my attempt to #BuildinPublic and reduce naps. Background is marketing - no coding skills but enthusiasm for tech. Brainstorming a few ideas around some pain points. Narrowed down to 2 ideas to work on -