Day 34 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

🚀 Launched my own personal website!

I thought that, after a month, I had enough to information (and some half decent projects 😅) to create a page about 'me'. Feedback welcome!

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Day 33 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

🛠️ Building a personal website/portfolio using @carrd
✍️ Nailed the design and layout, but need to write copy
🚀 Hoping to launch this tomorrow

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Day 32 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

🗃️ Organised my ideas for #NoCode projects

📺 Watched a brilliant video from @SimonHoiberg about how he created a SaaS using No Code tools…

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Day 27 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

👷‍♂️🛠️ Built a working MVP of my 'Lunchtime Talks' events app for @MinderaUK!

Definitely needs some polish 😅 but I've requested feedback from colleagues so I know what will be most valuable.

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Day 23 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

📝⚡️ Created a survey in Google Forms to provide feedback on the @100daysnocode course, and then trigger an automated email in @zapier

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Day 21 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

🔍 Researched building a personal website using
@NotionHQ and understood more about the concept of 'NoCode Thinking'.

Ran out of time to actually build something, but keen to come back to this!

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Day 20 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

💸 Built a financial tracker using @NotionHQ

Not something I would use, but learnt skills I can apply to LOTS of other usecases.

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Day 19 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

🏃‍♂️💨 Started a learning sprint on @NotionHQ

Have loved using this tool on my #nocode journey so far, so can't wait to see what the next few days has in store 🤩

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Day 18 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

🛠️ Built a CRM using @airtable for a project of my own!

Was actually really fun to think about the different tables, data, relationships, etc.

Now I want to pause @100daysnocode to work on this idea only 😂

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Day 17 of #100DaysOfNoCode

🛠️ Built a CRM using @airtable!

💡 Also documented some business ideas I might want to build as part of my #nocode journey 🤔

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Day 16 of #100DaysOfNoCode

Today I read about the basics of @airtable

Did you even build a #nocode project if you didn't use Airtable?! Am I right? 😂

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Day 15 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Looking forward to learning more about the most versatile no-code stack (Notion, Airtable, Zapier, Softr, and Glide) so I can turn my ideas into reality!

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Day 12 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Created a template (using @NotionHQ) to help you take a Tiny Product from idea to launch in 2 weeks 🚀

See a snippet of the template below.

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Day 11 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Added a @MailerLite newsletter to the @softr_io website I built on Day 6! 📰

Now PMs can get updated when a new book is recommended!

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Day 6 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Built a resource directory of the best #prodmgmt books using @softr_io 📚

Really proud of this - wish it existed when I started my career!

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Day 10 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Built a personal wiki with @NotionHQ! Very basic, but wanted to start with what I absolutely needed/already had, and then add to it as I go to avoid getting overwhelmed.

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Day 9 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Learned about (and experimented with) building voice apps with @VoiceflowHQ!

This is a whole new world for me, and fascinated to learn more about the differences in UX between web, mobile, and voice.

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Day 8 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Built a mobile app about igneous rocks using @glideapps

Recognise a lot of these from my Grandad's study!

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Day 6 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Built a resource directory of the best #prodmgmt books using @softr_io 📚

Really proud of this - wish it existed when I started my career!

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Day 5 of #100DaysOfNoCode complete.

Built my first form using @TallyForms - definitely potential, and a quick/easy way to collect useful information. Loved the idea of connecting an @airtable database!

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