I replaced Thinkific with Bubble and tomorrow I'm going to record a tutorial on how I did it live on Zoom. Live participants get to watch for free, ask questions, ongoing access + a surprise NoCode School bonus. Register at
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In less than an hour, Pro NoCoders is going live with @elibeachy to build a chore management app for parents and kids from scratch... as a SaaS. Come hang out with us and watch what happens. #nocode #buildinpublic
More Flexboxing happening tomorrow! Justin will use the new responsive editor in Bubble to design a messaging feature. We'll be taking questions live from the YouTube stream here:

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Guess who's coming to office hours tonight? @elibeachy Want to join the Zoom and ask Eli your Bubble questions? Find out how in the thread here. Starts at 6pm Pacific. See you there!

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Big announcement on today's office hours!

Tune in live on FB (or comment on the live for access)…

10AM Pacific Time

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In case you missed it (or if you're not on FB), here's the YouTube link to Episode #110 featuring Cameron Wilder Booth and his breakdown of Bubble's API Connector and Google's Oauth and YouTube API.

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Cameron is breaking down Bubble’s API Connector with Google OAuth and YouTube’s API on CoCreative NoCode’s office hours… watch live… #nocode #buildinpublic
In case you missed it... Jordan Richardson (aka @NoCodeAdvantage) hosted the 90th episode of CoCreative NoCode's Office Hours on Friday.

Thanks for holding it down for me, Jordan!…

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Want to learn about virtual data types and @elibeachy's newest plugin? Catch the replay of yesterday's office hours (see timestamps for quick access).…

Thanks again, Eli!

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Can't wait to host @elibeachy on Office Hours this Friday, Aug 13 at 10am PT.

We'll talk all things, bust some bugs, and do a build along.

Who wants in? Join for the details and a complimentary session.

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What’s been your most humbling Bubble experience to date? I’ll go first... #nocode #buildinpublic #failinpublic
Okay #nocode #buildinpublic, I see you. No code/Bubbler here and I’m ready to join the conversation. I’ve been Bubbling for six months now, and it’s become my full time focus (and then some...I’m obsessed). Currently banging my head on the Discord API.