Finally after a month of building, discussing and pulling all nighters

Me & @adhithya_vijai have submitted our app Best Seller Promoter on @Shopify

The app is built using @smoothcodeIO and follows app design guidelines

@ShopifyUX @ShopifyDevs

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Finally the time has come!

Me and @adhithya_vijai will be submitting our Best seller @Shopify app tomorrow using @smoothcodeIO

This is our first embedded app created via @smoothcodeIO and it follows the design guidelines.

Super excited!

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As a Backend Engineer, I love what @ShopifyEng @ShopifyUX has done with #Polaris

Even I can build complete frontends for Shopify apps without taking too much time.

Here's a glimpse of what can be done using Polaris in a couple of days

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Best Seller @shopify app

Day 8:
- Converting @adhithya_vijai 's dashboard designs to code.
- We are using #recharts for creating our charts on Shopify. It is super easy to build reusable components.


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@Shopify Best seller app

Day 8:
- Kudos @ShopifyUX for building a great & easy to use design system Polaris
- Converting @adhithya_vijai's designs to code

@ShopifyEng @ShopifyUX Is there a reason "TitleBar" is not a Polaris component but of App Bridge?
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@Shopify Best seller App

Day 8:
- We have started working on Frontend dashboard using @Shopify 's Polaris

Head over to @adhithya_vijai 's account to see our app designs

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Best seller @Shopify App

Day 7:
- We have started building our app as per the design guidelines
- We have started working on frontend in Next.js

Thanks to @smoothcodeIO our frontend & backend layers are completely separate and our can be used as it is

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After going through @Shopify Edition's changes.

We have decided to scrap our early designs that were created for non embedded app and stick to Polaris and embedded app.

Updates for Best seller @Shopify app resuming from tomorrow.

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After days of research, hit & trial, and scratching our heads. We have finally made a breakthrough.

I'm super proud to announce. We are building our first embedded @Shopify app using @smoothcodeIO

Stay Tuned! Blog coming up!

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Best seller @Shopify App:

Day 6:
- Update Product Metafields to add the "Number of products purchased" and "Value of the products purchaed"
- Update this value every 30 minutes using cron.

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Bestseller @Shopify app

Day 5:
Let's work on some backend stuff now.
- Add Metafields on Product for marking it as bestseller using @Shopify @GraphQL API
- Refresh bestseller status every 6 hours using Crons

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Bestseller @Shopify App Update:

Day 4:
- Best seller section on the home page using Theme app extension
- Section comes with different views:
- Carousel
- List
If you are a #shopifymerchant, please drop a feedback and DM me if you're interested

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Bestseller Shopify App

Day 3:
- Theme App extension to Show best seller tag on products
- Product metafield on the backend to classify it as a best seller.

Creating this app via @smoothcodeIO!

Feel free to give feedback on the design!

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We are creating a Bestseller @Shopify App. This app would add a banner for your bestsellers.

Day 2:
- Parse last 60 days orders to figure out the purchased products
- Consume order webhooks

Webhooks with @smoothcodeIO took about 2 minutes.
Super easy!

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