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New creators - here's your game plan for 1st & 2nd year.

1st year: exploration! Do a lot. Hit many dead ends. Make bad decisions. Create more fear for yourself. Reflect a lot.

2nd year: if you do 1st year right. 2nd year is game time!

At least how I see it. Don't give up :)
@ayushtweetshere @gumroad Thank you 🙏🏽 for the #swipeable #buildinpublic #challenge that you’re sharing!! ✊🏽⚡️⚡️ #25In25
I’m 💭 it should be—at least—a micro 🧵


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This is a side project I’m ready to ship 🚢 this weekend

Lmk what you think 😅
Appreciate + Thank you 🙏🏽 + Silent #Salute @MeetKevon for the 20 min interview breaking down the ‘secret sauce’ behind the last 21-months of your online journey + growth.

Thanks again for helping me clearly see how I can #FindJoyinChaos ✊🏽⚡️⚡️ w/ #buildinpublic #creators
😳 Yoooo @MeetKevon session poppin on @Zoom LIVE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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I've learned to begin w/ solving my own problems FIRST.

I generally choose to S.T.A.R.T. my projects simple & quick ⚡️ using @NotionHQ to gather resources and develop a first draft

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🤔 Why am I totally sold in the future belongs to #creators ?

My investment in @Twitter + @NotionHQ + #remotework + #buildinpublic + #creatoreconomy + some amazing talented people is delivering a tremendous ROI 🧐
How I plan to create + launch my digital idea:

1. Start w/ Finding a Problem
2. Try solving for myself
3. Analyze other problem solvers
4. Research marketplaces
5. Take notes of what works
6. Rinse & Repeat

Lmk if you’re interested in following & I can #buildinpublic 🧐
@hugh_dawkins @dvassallo Appreciate and thank you for the #Fast22 blueprint you shared in a #Tweet re: #buildinpublic 🙏🏽💪🏽✊🏽💯
C) What’s something you’re already doing that you know others earn doing?

- Offering & selling @NotionHQ #Template kits/packs

- Using #buildinpublic methods via @Twitter and building like-minded peer groups

- Creating tools 🧰 & resources based on community feedback
🤔 Why am I totally sold in the future belongs to #creators ?

My investment in @Twitter + @NotionHQ + #remotework + #buildinpublic + #creatoreconomy + some amazing talented people is delivering a tremendous ROI 🧐
✅ Mac 💻 Pro #frankenstein
✅ cloud-based toolbox 🧰
#TwitterU for daily #howto + to hold me accountable for #buildinpublic #OKR

If I had to start all over again and produce $1000/wk MRR…

🗣 Following these accounts has helped keep a consistent #MotivationalMonday 💪🏽:

@khemaridh = $10K tasks
@JustinSaaS = solopreneur #MVP
@MeetKevon = #buildinpublic
@arvidkahl = #Creator confidence
@Hugh_Dawkins &
@IAmPascio &
@TomFrankly &
@RedGregory1 = @NotionHQ know-how
🤔 Looking for a “team” to help with your next income idea while you #buildinpublic?

“The Starting Four” players Forming your Flawless Freedom Foundation

T = time
E = energy
A = activities/actions
M = money

GM to everyone who prioritizes the need to be pretty good at something that delivers results and sharing—or choosing to #buildinpublic
Imma #geek 🤓

Silent #Salute & S/O @justolaking for the look 😳

I’m all in on the #buildinpublic project aimed at melanated #creators #executives & #owners

This creator and the single action of acknowledgment is appreciated 🙏🏽 #ongawd
Better yet…

Here are 3 product ideas 💡 I’m considering sharing as I continue my #buildinpublic journey this year.

//A Thread 🧵//

1) “Ideal Income Niche”

Kanban template - not sure 🤔 what skills + interests can change your life?

#notion #notiontemplate
Nah freal 🤨

Between @arvidkahl @JustinSaaS @GrammarHippy + having to redefine my life and work-styles…

Nm 😤

Thank and appreciate you 🙏🏽 fine folks for sharing your journeys while you #buildinpublic