Yooooo @ngconf gave everyone a 40.00USD giftcard. So naturally I bought Pixels at #ngconf2023 #buildinpublic
So a buddy got 15 USD for a single day of Jury duty, where he was asked not to come back.

And he used it to buy an Among Us Red on 🀣 #buildinpublic
My new upload script did not work in the right way xD
That image is very botched #buildinpublic
Can't believe it took me this long to add that unsold blocks are for sale if you hover over them🀦

The Coffee Shop Test really works. #buildinpublic
Colombia πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄ ya llego!! Very happy to have some Colombian representation on #buildinpublic
A #buildinpublic tweet that someone bought pixels on for @buildinpublic πŸ˜…πŸ’―
@Raiuc I have sold 40k pixels on :D and that is about 5k but I've already spent some for making the LLC and server costs πŸ’Έ #buildinpublic
Yoooo! Stripe @atlas thanks for automating my Delaware LLC fee #buildinpublic
Thank you @SPACEdotcom person for your purchase!
I had not heard of this site! πŸš€ 10/10 #buildinpublic
The first person to buy pixels at with my new tool linked to @The_Pi_Hole !!!

I'm so happy to hear about this network level Ad-blocker on my site 😎
#buildinpublic @Raspberry_Pi
Finally! It all came together! can now make 10x10px blocks in the app itself πŸ€“
It doesn't look like much but I'm very proud of myself πŸ₯²
#buildinpublic #Angular #AwsAmplify
Yooooo! who else has done stuff with `dom-to-image`? This thing is great.
#buildinpublic #Angular
Took me all morning πŸ˜… but this is the first big step for 1MPX.COM to have tools to make pixel art on the webapp itself.

This way you won't have to make something yourself in @GIMP_Official, Microsoft paint, @Photoshop, etc

#buildinpublic #HTML #CSS #Angular
Well doesn't that look 10 times better than my old email confirmation that was just text.

@awscloud SES uses a nice little function where you just input a html string and boom
#buildinpublic #HTML #AWS
#buildinpublic #TaxesDoneWithTurboTax #taxes
Well, I just lowered my taxes from the expenses to run 🀯 pretty dope
Updated @stripe payment logo, honestly it looks a lot better... #buildinpublic
And now all of's forms are @ngbootstrap Modals 😎. Passing input was very easy. I used to do this awful query param thing... yuck
#Angular #buildinpublic #css3