Added the text that says how many pixels have been sold and added a background to hover text, finally! #buildinpublic #Serverless
thank you @HansleyG !! This was the first game we played together! #buildinpublic
We got the first Flag πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Όon the Mural !!
I wonder if this puts me on a CCP list now... xD #buildinpublic #indiehackers
My friend @Cecil_Coll who loves volunteering with rescue dogs got this block that links to a website to adopt dogs in Mexico City :3 #buildinpublic
MX$25,000.00!? For 10,000 Pixels!? Omg who would buy that? Maybe you @stripe ?
Your logo would look amazing on my Million Pixel Mural :3 given that using your payments infra is such a pleasure to use. #buildinpublic
@getbootstrap is there a simple way to update the color and shape of the 'Range' element? U.U I had to end up making my own from scratch. :3
A good friend pointed out that bought Pixels should open a new tab instead of direct link. #buildinpublic
A friend pointed out that Bought Pixels should open new tabs instead of redirect. #buildinpublic
The buyer of this little Naruto was not happy with how his text was cut off. I fix. #buildinpublic #CSS
Also, @ionchowder is a cool guy
They AMAZING buyer of this little Naruto was annoyed that his text was not not nicely displayed. I fix. #buildinpublic #CSS
@atlas my dear sign up was effortless. I'm counting down the days to get my EIN #buildinpublic
First recorded session with @msftClarity. This was so simple to setup #buildinpublic
Added a Staging area for when you upload a block of Pixels #buildinpublic
Made my first loading line animation!
Had to add slow 3G throttling to capture it since there are very few pixels loading #buildinpublic #Angular
Oh wow, I did not know about #GraphQL pagination. I don't know if a recursive call is the best way to do this. But it's what I could come up with at 2am :D
Feedback from my good friend Magnus, who should totally be on twitter btw πŸ‘€ #buildinpublic
#AWS SES got my domain verified to use 'Custom MAIL FROM domain' #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic Verifying a new entity to send validation emails to future clientes :3