Provisioning a phone number with @awscloud Pinpoint to see when someone buys pixles at or signs up for

2 bucks a month isn't bad, but that's more then my server costs :/ weird #buildinpublic
Wooow! @CSGhostAnims it's wonderful having you on! Love your animations my dude! #buildinpublic
well, now you the demo of has persistence on LmaoScores.
It mesures the LMAOs πŸ˜‚
Woooo! I'm very proud to have the Church of the @SpagFlying forever on!! #buildinpublic
Hey @Discover you're on my digital mural now! Looks like someone added their referral link #buildinpublic
Added a hyperlink hint when you hover over bought Pixels to show that they have links too! 😊 #buildinpublic
It's great to have the rest of @npmjs logo on my mural
Es genial tener el resto del logo de @npmjs en mi mural
#buildinpublic #NodeJS
WebSockets mi amor! Getting live data for the demo from @binance now! πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰
#buildinpublic #CryptoInvestor
Yoooo! Playing using the @BinanceUS websocket for the first time. I'm getting live @ethereum price in usd
Well ain’t that blue prompt in the way of the input 🀣 #buildinpublic
This is like when that one manz did 12 startups in 12 months, hardcore 😎#buildinpublic
Or in other words, you have to start 10 companies and one of them will be a success. #buildinpublic
Well isn't this just terrible to look at 🀣 #buildinpublic
Did some simple updates:
- added emojis to instructions to shorten
- made it so that hovering over sold blocks doesn't distort
- got rid of animations of unsold blocks
#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic